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The Secret of her health – Post 11

“You are blessed to have a very gentle kid”,..Lotof them say after they meet an all time bubbly daughter. Yeah!!She is indeed gentle, though not all the time. And that time is when she has to eat something.

Personally, I feel that the biggest challenge in bringing up a baby is to feed them properly. A huge percentage of mothers would agree with me. Babies may be different, but most of them turn hard to be pleased when it comes to eating.

My girl however gets on my nerves every time she has to eat, esp after she turned one. So her activities increased. Crawling to walking and now running, but she consumes less which has made her lean and not to mention, anyone who has met her in India doesn’t forget to pass on the comment, “Oh!!Your daughter has become a lot thinner after you have started looking after her on your own”. 🙂 🙂 They never forget to tell my parents once they are back. So after they too started getting on my nerves, I knew something had to be done.

She looks at the food, smells it and then tastes it. Doesn’t like any of the three, it will be rejected. Stubborn , so stubborn she used to be… And there would be a trail of food that she would spit wherever she goes. Life was just like this Junior Horlicks ad.

I tried to force feed her. She dint care.

I asked doctors for help. They asked me to switch to a different set of vegetables and fruits. Dint work.

I sought advises from friends who had recently turned mothers. Potatoes, almonds, ghee….No satisfactory output.

Five months in Dubai and she dint gain even 200 gms. Doctors were cool, but I was not. I knew her eating habits had to be changed. But she simply was not interested in eating, except chappatis and chocolates.

The strike was on forever, but now things have changed for the better. She has started eating properly.Her weight has finally fallen into the graph. If someone asks her about the secret of her health, she would grin and say “Poopy”  🙂  Poopy is an education oriented animated childrens content, developed by Hibiscus Digital Media and Pari is in love with it. This 3D movie is definitely above standards in terms of content and presentation. Pari has now started recognising the animals, knows to imitate them and dances to the tune of her dear show.

Am not sure if this is a good habit to be cultured, but there wasn’t any other option. She is just so indulged in the stories and songs that she doesn’t really bother what goes inside her mouth. So easy to feed. Definitely worth a try.

Lesser messy house + Healthy baby = A Very Happy Me!! Thanks Poopy!!

Disclaimer: This is a note from my experience


10 thoughts on “The Secret of her health – Post 11”

  1. I think a child will eat when they want to , yes we shud look into it but generally the rule is that .. though in our asian culture we have this habit of force feeding and worys if one does not eat something 🙂

    and thats to Poopy the litte one is going ofr it he he he and its jsut a phase i guess .. dont worry too much 🙂

  2. even I was about to ask you how come Pari thinned down this I know the reason..
    phew!!i wonder what will I do after having a kid 😦

    1. How old is Chirpy so? Am not sure how advisable it would be for letting children watch this. This one has educational content but people say that watching TV is not good for babies. I dint have another choice, if chirpy would eat otherwise, do restrict the show

      1. I won’t use it at meal time 🙂 and it’s a long way to go before she starts watching the screen 😉 she is just 12 weeks young 🙂

  3. Oh..Lovely..So u should take care of ur health too..Btw Scribby, If u like Poopy, U wud like Manjadi too..Another HIbiscus product that Pari likes

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