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Are you beautiful?

If you think you are not beautiful, this is the post for you…

If you think you are, you may pls read ahead and see if you would agree…

This is me.

Looks – Average

Colour – Average

Height/Weight – Average

Nose – Blund

Smile – Almost 70mm. Meets my ears 🙂

Eyes – Sorta pretty

Hair – Read here!!

Yeah!!So that was a fact.I did not have the image of ideal looks. But the standard of beauty are limited to a perfect blend of skin tone, features and figure. Girls who were blessed with them were popular, and I had to get adjusted to the fact. Mmmm..I wasn’t really happy but then got along with the rest of the crowd.”All of us cant be beautiful!!”,they said. Like-mided people.So we all got used to the fact.. Had to.

I was a little better than some, luckier I should say – for two features stood out on my otherwise ordinary face. Eyes and the hair. I had friends, abundance of them.. “If someone falls for you, it would be for your eyes or hair”,I often heard them say 🙂 🙂 How I yearned if somebody did.. Nothing happened..

And eventually, after a span of 6 yrs, the time came and he was on his knees. I asked, “So what made you like me?”. Just like the others, I expected him to repeat those comments. The answer came, “Your smile”. I was taken aback. That wasn’t one of the best features. Not even close. Astonished I asked Why. “Because it is so YOU“…

It did make sense!!And that’s why the word says, “BE-YOU-tiful“!!

This post is dedicated to the love of my life – the man who taught me how to enjoy life and enrich life from what you’ve got inside,how important it is to love your life and live your life,to make it beautiful.

There are no more worries about the day when my smile contorts my wrinkled face and saggy skin, for I know (God willing) he would still be there…

Some joys are better expressed in silence, as a smile holds more meaning than words. I was once asked if I enjoy having him in my life, and I just smiled 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Difference between owning a license and owning a vehicle

When Pari fell sick last week, I had to take her to the doc every other day. She recovered fully after a week’s time. Hospital was just 4 kms from home, but it would have been terrible if I did not know to drive. So while coming back from the hospital, I thanked god and the two men who insisted me to start driving and keep driving..

Umpteen women own a driver’s license but do not drive. I too belonged to this group, but not anymore…

It was in my father’s  interest that me and my brother started driving. I even took license the very next saturday after I turned 18. But I hardly drove a few kms at my hometown. Being younger to me by 2 yrs, my bro took license soon as he turned 18, and he offered a ride when needed.

After I moved to Chennai for a job, the city’s heavy traffic  was the primary reason for not driving. When my brother joined me at Chennai , I happily took his help to travel.

Post marriage was even easier. With my husband, one of the greatest drivers I have met, anytime-anywhere-pick& drop was readily available. So being a license holder for over 10 yrs, I managed to reach anywhere I wanted to (sometimes after fighting with auto drivers), but still did not try driving.

My office was just 2 kms from where we stayed. So during my pregnancy, Sayf  wanted me to start driving  since I could come home as and when needed. Somehow it  did not work. But after Pari (Our rolly-polly-naughty-sweety and now 8 month old, lil princess) came in, driving became necessary. With a day care at my office, there was no option than to bring her along, drop her at daycare and start with my office.  I was still reluctant, but Sayf was behind my life 🙂 After my test-driving-sessions with Sayf, I started taking Pari to office.

Today, with my husband at Dubai, managing work,home and the baby has become really difficult. Needless to mention, my car has become one of my most reliable friends in no time. And I realise that driving is essential. Its been just a month since he left, and my car has (unbelievable) run over 600 kms. It was actually meant to run only 2 kms to and from office everyday.. 🙂

Now, I take my car for grocery,market,shopping,work,parlour,anything and everything.

Now, I pick my parents from Chennai Central (25kms from home) and go to T.Nagar (one of the busiest places in Chennai city)for shopping. Chennai traffic doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore 🙂

Now, I give lifts to the mothers who needs to pick up their babies from daycare and also to fellow male colleagues who wants to be dropped at bus/railway stations.

And if I can, all of you can…

When license and driving go parallel, we do not realise how handicapped we are. Only when you start and sense the tremendous volume of independence it gives you, do you realise what you were missing earlier. You actually own your vehicle only when you start driving.

Now I know what is carburetor, slow speed, mileage,piston rings,coolant and much more. Above all of this, I know that driving has made my life a lot simpler.

Today, I am an ‘independent’ working woman, and behind the success of this independence there are two men – My father and My Sayf 🙂

Driving now means a lot of freedom, independence, excitement, adventure, happiness and satisfaction. Its worth giving a try.

So next time you need to go somewhere, no more quarrels with auto drivers and no more waiting for someone to pick you up.  Get ready, a smear of face powder, a dash of lipstick and vrrrroooom… Go Babelicious gals!!!