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Time,Reason,Blog and the Prestigious Tag…..

I feel its been years since I scribbled something here. Honestly, there wasnt a single day when I did not think about it. But the job had been taking up too much of my time, that by the time I am back, it would be time to call it a day. But here I am having a 2 weeks break. TIME…

The old Compaq laptop. 6 yrs was too good a lifetime. The poor 60GB hard disk roared like a hummer most of the time.Charge stayed hardly for 15 mins and we had confirmed his time was near πŸ™‚ We had been hanging on for no reason.Buying another was always there behind the mind.And yesterday out of the blue,we decided to go out and accidentally came across the clearance sale at Sharaf DG. Acer Aspire 5742G for a luring buy. 500AED lesser than the normal price. With a single piece remaining in the offer,we didnt have time to think and so, here I am happily posting this from this sleek and stylish fella. πŸ™‚

The only thing remaining was a reason to write. Bhavia gave me one.The ABC award. Thank you dear.

Time,reason and the right equipment.I cant ask for more…..

But the award does not come that easy. She would let me take the award only if I fulfill the pre requisites. One of them would be naming the alphabet ceremony. I certainly wouldnt take time as much as Abhishek did to name his beti πŸ™‚

A – Adaptive (a lil too much.This is one of my weaknesses that people tend to exploit)

B – Brave, but a true Brat

C – Crazy

D – Dumb Chick (Remember Blonde moments? I am a dumbo at times)

E – Erratic

F – Foody by birth. Smiling at the light of the refrigerator is a favorite past time

G – Giggling (Am quite infamous for this snickering laugh)

H – Haywire (I know crazy did explain that. Just wanted to add to the gravity of my craziness)

I – Innovative when it comes to husband’s birthdays(Birthday Treasure Hunt would explain that)

JΒ – Jubilant

KΒ – Kid at heart

L – Loves to laugh

M – Mother πŸ™‚ Oh Yes. Magnanimous when it comes to treat my friends

N – Never fails to keep in touch

O – ‘Organised’ is not my card

P – Pleasing others is a trick you should learn from me

Q – Queer questions from me can drive anyone to death. Guaranteed!!

R – Roady type (Himalayan Odyssey is next in the list)

S – Sensitive at times

T – Topics!! There is never a lack for that πŸ™‚

U – Ultra sensitive at some other times

V – Vulnerable

W – World to me, is my family

X – Xtra ordinarily brilliant when there is an occasion of a self goal πŸ™‚ Naaah!! Just being sarcastic.I get targetted all the time. But am Xtra Ordinarily sportive.So never will there be an issue πŸ™‚

Y – Youthful forever. Lots are jealous for this one reason πŸ˜‰

Z – Zeeeeee is me. Zealous and Zestful am I.

And then for the Eleven’s tag, the rules are laid forth

1. You must post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and thenΒ create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.

4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Bhavia wouldnt let me pick the tag if I do not answer her 11 questions. So here you go…

1)How did you start blogging?

This is the best way to start the tag cos Zradar has Bhavia as its god mother πŸ™‚

2)Is there any post in your blog which made you cachinnate/cry while writing it?

I was in tears while writing,while reading and then again when i reread –Β The Best Thing about marriage

3)Are you romantic?Prove with explanations

Definitely yes, esp when it comes to husbands birthdays and our anniversaries. Candles all over the house, cuddly toys, heart shaped balloons and cakes, surprise gifts. You can count on me for romantic birthday ideas.

4)What is your dream possession and why?

Harley-Davidson. Told you girl, I am the roady type.

5)A movie character which you have empathized?

Chris gardner (portrayed by WIll Smith) in Pusuit of Happyness

6)One simple dish,with recipe,which you know to cook apart from Maggi noodles and egg omelet?

Vermicelli Rolls – An arabic sweet. This recipe is simple, too simple though not made in the authentic way.

Crush a packet of Vermicelli (the thinnest strands available) roast the same in ghee.When turned golden, add milkmaid and switch off the stove.Mix thoroughly. Roll then into small balls,and press individual balls onto the lid of a plastic container after layering crushed pista on the bottom of the lid. Turn the lid upside down and take the balls out which has now taken the shape of the lid (sort of small cylinder if lid is round). Refrigerate for an hr or two and serve as dessert.

When guests come without prior intimation, this is often helps.

7)Have you fooled anyone or vice versa?

The vice versa part has happened quite a lot.One of them being Blonde Moments

8)Which is your close to heart sound track and why?

This is the first song husband sang for me and therefore.

9)Which book are you reading now?

To be honest, nothing right now. After I became a huge fan of Freakonomics, have bought Super Freakonomics.

10)Your favorite woman and why?

Tough,..Amma is my all time favorite. Next would be me.

11)What effort do you make in your life to make India a better place to live?

Have sponsored the education of a few girls from remote villages of India. Courtesy World Vision India.

It is time for passing the tag. I have picked my favorites once again. Some of you would have already been tagged with this award, but let me still do the award ceremony.

MyOnlineJournal,Smitha,CraftyShines,Pins and Ashes,Raji,IndianMuslim,Padmapriya,Deepak Karthik,Joshi,OMC,leckerandyummyrecipes,…..

And my questions.This is fun now πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

1) Do you think there is a woman behind every man?

2) Do you believe in God and why?

3) Why do you think you blog?

4) What is the bestest memory with your lover/spouse?

5) Which is that one place in the world you wouldnt dare to travel to and why?

6) Do you like the US. Why?

7) Are you smart enough to escape from any situation? Describe.

8) Which is the one circumstance you could not have survived without the support of your parents?

9) Staying with In-laws is like……

10) What change does parenthood bring into your life?

11) Are you able to remember your grocery shopping list by heart without making the list?


15 thoughts on “Time,Reason,Blog and the Prestigious Tag…..”

  1. Welcome back after a long break πŸ™‚
    Congrats on your new Acer Aspire πŸ˜€
    Enjoyed the A to Z replies (loved your reply to M)
    Hope to see more posts from you….you were missed!

  2. Polichu mole..Harley Davidson!!ahem ahem πŸ™‚
    I will try out the recipe soon..
    By the way,I have not heard that song yet,let me check out..and Saif sings?Next time when we meet,we will make him sing πŸ˜›

    I am glad that you got a break from work..muaaah..Keep writing!!
    And of course missing both inside and outside the know it right 😦

  3. Hey Z!

    Thanks for the mention and your kind words on my blog…

    I don’t write much nowadays and hence, will do the questions here:
    1. Nope; It is merely hope which is behind every person.
    2. I don’t believe in fairy tales. “God” has been engineered by humans to satisfy the human ego. I dont see any other purpose for that imaginery person. If at all there is one thing that most religions find common ground in, it is the suppression of women.
    3. Hope to improve my language.
    4. Not married as yet.
    5. I would like to visit every place except Krakatoa Island.
    6. Yes; for the spirit of individualism.
    7. I would like to believe that.
    8. I dont see if such a situation will ever arise.
    9. Not married πŸ™‚
    10. Not married again πŸ˜›
    11. Yes!

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