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Here is a cuppa love

“Do come over for a cup of coffee..” I love the instant warmth these simple words brings into life, just like coffee. As much as I cannot deny this invitation, I cannot deny the coffee charm in my life.

Coffee started running in my veins since early childhood when all our weekends were at our hometown. “Zai, kappi kudichal karuthu povuutto [You’ll become darker if you drink coffee]”. My cousins never left a chance to tease anyone. I hesitantly sipped the black drink. The taste, smell and the fun we had then, was so refreshing. Just like the coffee.

Years later when Bru was was introduced, our mornings became more aromatic and instantly energized. On days when college was dispersed earlier than usual, we would collect all our bare minimum savings to buy 2 coffees and the famous beetroot cutlet [Courtesy: Indian Coffee House]. The coffee would go round the table, so did the laughter. The freshly ground coffee smells heavenly, so are those memories.

Freshly brewed coffee and hot sambar vada always topped the favorite food list from Chennai days. Strong filter coffee is a pure bliss!! The friendship too!!

When me or bro fell sick then, Amma used to run and make chukkukappi. The dash of spice and sweetness that slipped down and immediately relieved sore throat. This flavorful drink is full of nostalgia and goodness of dry ginger. I bet all 80s kids would still have it as the first home remedy for sore throat even now.

During earlier days of client visits when restaurant menus were too complicated , I accidentally met cold coffee. Like they say, some accidents are beautiful. Revolution of Cafe coffee day and endless hrs on coffee talks continued.

Espresso, Latte, Cappucino, Americano.. List of varieties and flavor of coffee is endless. Coffee blended so fast in our lives – Ice creams, cakes and my darling Tiramisu.. The twist that the bitterness of coffee adds to the sweetness of home made desserts is exotic.

Coffee is not just coffee anymore. Its about the fun we had, the love we shared, the happiness that went around the table and the memories full of aroma that is added to the sweet and spicy life….

Dear coffee, I love you.

Dear friends, Do come over for a cuppa coffee.


The “Chai” Magic

“See, thats all. Its so easy to make tea”, Atha [My father] switched off the stove , served tea to both of us . We walked together to the cold veranda. It was his news paper time. The 10 year old me while dutifully memorizing the steps of how tea should be made for him next day, sat down with him sipping hot tea along with the days hot news. My first Sulaimani!! I was excited for being his official tea maker and getting to be in kitchen on my own. Little did I know then, that this drink is going to be an integral part of my life.

I was so proud the next day after our tea time, when Atha told Amma and anyone who visited us , “Ende molu endu nalla chaaya aanu ondaikkiyenno” [My daughter made such a wonderful tea]. Little did I know making tea would be one of the the most loved things that I would be doing the rest of my life.

After news paper, Atha used to go for his usual morning walk and bring back umpteen stories along with snacks, all sourced from the chaayakkada next street. Little did I know about this humble “Chai and Chayakkada”, that got together people from all around the place to that one little shop where anything around the world from politics to gossips to movies to small society secrets were discussed.

And finally after many years when we got a car, ..It was raining. Atha showed us a small shop, hardly 2 benches, with around 30 people – Some sitting, some standing and some others leaning on the tree nearby – all with a small glass of tea. I was happy to finally meet the chaiwala, his meter cup , tea flying from 1 cup to another and the art of tea making. My first memories of the famous chaayakkada!! Little did I know that , the ambience he created , hot tea with rain will be fondly remembered for a life time.

During the days in Chennai when beaches were our fav destination to share happiness, sorrow or simply pass time with friends, tea was a must have. Beach, hot tea and pakodas is still a killer combo.

During the first years of marriage, when hubby took me around Chennai introducing various eatouts, one of them was ginger chaiwala. Again small shop, this time no benches, with min of 50 people around – all with a glass of tea , sharing snacks and news of their likes. My first masala chai!!

I thought Chai was important only in India, until few years back when we shifted to Dubai to find out that “Kaawa” – the authentic Arab drink is said to be the origin of Indian Sulaimani

Any malayalam movie lover can easily recollect the famous scene from “Ustad Hotel” ,when the veteran actor Thilakan adds a bit of Cinnamon to make his special Sulaimani to my favorite D.Q. I realized again the Mohabbat [love] that “Chai” passes to generations.

With our friends and family, we do not mind travelling miles through the hot dessert to have tea at our favorite destination. The same ambience that my old chaiwala created!! Some on foldable chairs while others leaning on their cars, all with a glass of tea and sharing love and laughter.

Its been 30 years since my first tea, but I still become the same old proud child when someone says “What a nice tea”, after sipping the tea I make.

From ginger, cardamom, cinnamon or clove, tea gels well with any spice, and there is always a Chai to suit any type of person.

Chai is omni present. Different culture, different places, different reasons, different conversations, different generations – Tea has the magic to connect people, bring them together , spread the Mohabbat and will continue to be so. I can see the likelihood of my story continuing, when my 11 year old is curious to know how to make tea and what we discuss during tea.

Marriage & Motherhood

Blessed again,..

After a long wait of 9 months and a tough delivery, we have been blessed again with another baby girl, and a scorpion as husband wanted it to be. In the hope that she will add a lot of stories to this space, i will call the latest entry – Saga.

Pari has taken it really well (till now). She is the super excited big sister ready to take care of the younger one and trying to teach her all the rhymes that is known.

…And even after being away from the blogosphere (pure injustice,I admit) for such a long time, I am very glad that many of you remembered to come back, check my status and inspired me to write again. Special thanks to Bikram and Jazz.

Marriage & Motherhood

Happy and expecting..

A lot say that it will be difficult for us to manage with two babies of the same age. Well, everything has its own ups and downs. Why worry when you have already decided to go ahead with this step? There are lot of positives that I can see….

1. Me and bro are just 2 yrs apart. We could connect to each other very well and proudly share a strong bond.  The kids will grow up together, and we as parents do not have to start from the beginning all over again. Let daughter be a friend to the new arrival than a big sister.

2. We are definitely better than a friend who fell pregnant with an 8 month old baby and cousin with a 5 month old.

3. I will not have to reduce the big flab on my stomach (left from the first pregnancy) now. Hopefully it will happen after the 2nd one. If i had slimmed down by now, i would have been so disappointed 🙂

4. Now i am sure to get seat in metros during my long journeys to office 🙂

5. Pregnant lady with a baby – no more waiting in long queues anywhere. esp immigration counters

6. Came across an article that dark chocolate is good for preg ladies. What an excuse to have one!!

7. Do not have to find space to store the elder’s toys and dresses. I can make use of them right away.

8. Am already 30. I better have the two be raised in my good health.Hope I will have the endurance and energy to keep in pace with the 2 little monsters.

But having said all that, children are reflections of parents. Whether we have only one or more, whether of same age or not, the values that parents instill have a great role in character formation of our children.Socializing, compromising, sharing,.. are all lessons implanted from home. Our children are our social responsibility.

Marriage & Motherhood

Sharing a peice of joy….

Sometime during mid 2010, I wrote a mail which began like this…

“The year that passed, was one that brought lot of happiness, lot of brightness and lot of changes in life. The year that just landed would have a lot in store, but the one that went deserves a note.

Last year began with lot of anticipations,aspirations, anxieties and assumptions of ‘me-in-gestation’ and my preparations and arrangements for qualifying as a mother.Pari came to this world on Feb,bringing loads of joy and putting an end to my worries. Our marriage had crossed a span of 2.5yrs. The love for Sayf and the comfort of our closeness made me wanted to go back to Chennai. Sayf too missed us badly, but I had to stick with the traditional 3 months rest at home :0) It was necessary as me and Pari were going through a new phase of life. And the grand parents at both the sides, needed their share with her….

Time flies so fast,but without Sayf it just dragged. He too counted every second for it to be July. And finally the time came. Pari was all cuddled up and sleeping throughout the journey which made it easier for us to handle things.

I geared up to be a full fledged mother, for I had to join office in another months time.Sadly Sayf had to move to Dubai.I was worried about my unsettled life and the huge responsibility I would have to handle without him. Me and the baby alone,work started,house to be managed.”I wouldn’t survive”, I thought.But we did. Allah’s blessing and thanks to friends.

There were a lot of mummy-me moments.We emerged out as two happy souls.Sometimes to recognize the real strength inside, you need to be when left without a choice.Those few months had only made me more confident,more courageous and more resilient, than I could ever imagine me to be……”

This year would be no different. God willing, a Scorpio would pop out 🙂 giving the same pleasure as much as Pari did earlier. But the anxiety would be no longer about pregnancy or delivery (now that I know what to expect) but about post delivery – How daughter is going to adapt with the new arrival and how I am going to succeed in the tough task of motherhood with 2 kids.

Well we can only hope that things would take a turn for the good. God bless us with a normal and healthy baby.

God bless us all.

Work & Life

The global conspiracy

It happens…Everytime you decide to gym or swim,…Every single time you think of jogging or cycling..
Bad weather, Boss asking to report early,Baby in bad mood.. Simple disturbances in normal routine… Yet happens exactly on the day you think of sweating it out. Looks like a treacherous plan is constantly devised to ruin your exercise 🙂
But all around I see people slimming down except me and hubby…So where do they find time from? There is only one answer – DETERMINATION. These people are all determined to overcome all the destructive forces that may come into picture and do what they have decide to do. We all may be like that with certain things, but when it comes down to gymming, determination would be on the lower curve and everything else suddenly takes priority.
So the conclusion. The meagre chance for people like me to slim down – COMPULSION. Compulsion generated out of a different motive.  In my case, it was to save 50Rs a day….
Being on the plumpy edge, I always bothered but never tried to reduce that extra calories, until I became 65kgs after a Scotland Stint. Gained an incredible 8 kgs in 3 months. Came back to apna-des like a football. Fortunately office which was only 2 kms from home had changed its location to some remote area 20 kms, and metro was the only option. Station was a good 1.5kms from home. Auto charged 25Rs one way. I did not have the mind to spend a whole 50/- for auto everyday. So left without a choice, I walked both ways. 3 kms walk a day.Decent flight of stairs.Lot of energy spend to smash the crowd and get into a compartment 🙂 In 1 year, I was 48kgs for the first time in life after 6th std 🙂 Until daughter was 8 months (3 yrs after this huge reduction), i just happened to stay close to 50’s…And then resignation, followed by more time to cook and watch cookery shows and exhibit my love through cooking skills along with some of that baby fat, started showing the results soon. Back to 58 and now trying hard to maintain it there…
Hopefully things are falling in place again. I mean the compulsion part 🙂 The new job demands to take metro which is again a respectable 1.5kms from home. Fingers crossed!! I would be back in shape in another year…  🙂 🙂 This time the motive is to save 25AED a day. Shame on me!!
Work & Life

The DDL Badge!!

No No not DDLJ, its DDL . Dubai Driving License. Yes,I am a proud owner now and how? This is a story you would love 🙂

Well, You know about how I started driving in India – Necessity 🙂 Left without a choice. Thanks for husband who had to fly to Dubai immediately. This time too, he is the man behind the story. Until the beginning of last Dec,I had to do only one thing – Look after both my kids – One 33 yrs and the other 2 🙂 So life was smooth until ABC driving school came up with a 50% discount.So husband pushed me (almost dragged my lazy bone) into one of the most expensive and insurmountable  tasks in dubai – Owning a driving license. His confidence has to be appreciated.

And me,an average Indian driver, has no hopes of getting a license anywhere in the near future 🙂 I joined for the course in winter and expected to attain this badge by the end of summer (5 months = 5 road tests). And that was considered a high expectation. Problem – People (mostly Indians) , somehow manage a license in a minimum of 3 or more tries, no matter how good a driver, they are. When you tell someone that you have joined the course, they would play low and advise you to expect 3 or more failures in the initial attempts. Demotivating, but thats how it happens here.  There are even people who have gone to 10th and 12th trials.So I added 2 more to the normal tries, and prayed that I should pass atleast in the 5th attempt.

The institution was like going to school again.They would teach you from ABC – How to open bonnet, where is the indicator, which is break and so and so.

For every move there is a procedure. Here is how to change lanes – Step1:Scan your centre mirror. Step2: Put indicator Step3:Scan your rear mirrors. Step4:Check your shoulder Step5:Check centre mirror again Step6:Once you car is in the correct position, increase your speed, take the vehicle to the lane intended  Step7:Switch off the indicator. And any step you miss or mess with or change order of, you would fail. Hope you have a small picture as to why people fail so often.

And then the hurdles you have to overcome before the final test – Pass parking test first, then theory test, then assessment test and then the final road test. Each test you fail, there is so much of money involved to reappear for the tests, that people sometimes cant bare the expense.

So I had a huge responsibility – Get a Dubai Driving license!!!Finally I pass all the tests.With 2 weeks for the final, people give this whacky smile. “Well, you’ll see in the final. Dont mind me saying, but keep your hopes low…” And by that time, I had a job, had to give reason,seek permission and take a day off.I also will have to report back the status.So it was not just facing friends and relatives but also the boss who invariably wants detailed explanation on every single issue,…

And the D-day arrived…After two hours of waiting, 3 of us were called in.Fortunately the female instructor was off.Blessing in disguise. When god has proposed,who the hell can dispose?So the first lady takes it from the parking lot and forgets to stop in the first stop sign. With her fate was almost decided, he calls me in and I was happy to be the 2nd because no parking (where i am week at) required.But the second lady jumps in,and takes the seat.Then very confidently comments about how stupid others drive,how slow they are,how they do not follow the rules and so and so 😉 I think somebody had advised her that confidence creates an impression on the instructor. May she dint know that arrogance does the opposite.Well,then comes my name.

I get onto the seat,try to recollect the steps on how to start the car. Adjust the mirrors,adjust the mirrors,adjust the mirrors……I couldnt bare the enormous amount of tension that had built in all the while..Well,I had gone blank.The instructor had started growling by then and i knew i had to start.With memory who had given upon me, INSTINCTS was the only friend to trust.And off we went.2 U turns,few lane changes,into the gallis,back to the driving school and to the parking lot.Parking is all I can remember now, and it was picture perfect!!He asked us to meet him in the room in 10 minutes and vanished.

Soon the other two ladies gets out.”Sorry dear.I think you loose”,says the second one.”You forgot so many rules”,says the first.”So I lost.No need to worry Zee. Better luck next time.It happens.Some days are not mine”,I tell myself.And they judged me on where I was wrong,what I could have done, that I wished  the 10 mins finished fast. So we went to the room.

“First lady”,he calls,”You missed the stop signs.You fail”.

“Second lady….”.

She jumps in”Pass right?”

“No.You fail.No proper U turn.Missed stop sign.Arrogant driving”.

She comes back and says”So all of us fail”…

“Third.Zeee”.I go with no enthusiasm”Congrats you pass”..He hands over the paper and walks away.Fully arabic.

“WHAT???I pass”

“WHAT???She passsed”… 🙂

I couldnt believe my ears or understand a word in the paper. I run to husband who was waiting.

“Sayf, they say I have passed”.

“WHAT???You passsed?Show the paper.S**t.Who will understand this?”So we run to the security.

“They say I have passed.Can you confirm please”.He confirms.

We still couldnt believe.So we go the counter to collect the license and confirm again”Yes congrats.She has passed”.

Husband calls his bro.”WHAT?She passed.Passed in first attempt.Dont joke give her the phone.hey congrats Zee.But you guys are not joking right?How did it happen?Good,you guys did not have to loose a lot of money”.

I smiled.It just happened.But I couldnt believe until they issued the license. And i do admit,I am not a great driver.You call me lucky,I would call me blessed.Told you right, if god proposes, who the hell can dispose? Good luck to all who are planning to appear for a license test.

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… what everyone are up to nowadays,esp when it comes to naming their kids. Short, beautiful,different and uncommon are few of the criteria.And why not? Our little darlings definitely deserve their public identity to be unique .But sometimes, the race behind uniqueness yields a different result.

‘Z’ is the trend of the season.Most of the newly born girls are christened  Zahra,Zehra,Zaira,Zaara,Saira,Saara,Sarah…and sometimes Ziyan for a change.

Bollywood influence cannot be neglected either.After Fiza(the movie) released,the girls were – Fiza, Fida or Farah. And ever since Fanaa(the movie) all the newly born boys are baptized Ryan,Rayan,Rayyan,Rehan,Rehaan,Reyhaan and other variations of these. This season has not ended so far and is likely to continue until such a subtle yet beautiful name comes in another movie.No doubt this is a beautiful name and I too wanted to name my boy the same.But I was late to marry and lots of them in my age had noticed the name,so by the time we had a baby the name had become too common.Luckily we had a girl,so it wasnt tough.

Back at my hometown, all my Hindu friends have their girls named as Gowri or Gayathri. Most of the hansome lil ones are Aditya, Adarsh or Abhinav.

Just cant stop imagining a class of Zahra’s and Rehan’s and Gowri’s filling the attendance sheet 🙂

‘Z’ is what my name begins with,and it gave me lotta troubles at school.Wait patiently till the 89th call for attendance, wait another 2 more weeks for the text book stock would be over by the 80th student,and so and so..But I always loved my name going Zzzzzz 🙂

My relatives chose their twins the rhyming names – Diya and Dua.Very pretty names as much as the kids are.But it didnt stop the parents.To avoid confusion at home,they chose two nicknames – Chikku and Jikku 🙂 Yeah!!That indeed avoids confusion. Another couple has named their kids Zahra(girl) and Zahran(boy).There is a commotion when they are called as no one knows who is being addressed 🙂

A beautiful girl I met at the mall nearby was named Maha.I had not come across the name before,and was curious about the meaning.Did some googling.It meant Wild Cow with large eyes 🙂

A girl friend and her bro were born on April and October respectively and are named Aprilmol and Octobril 🙂 Easy right?

Note:I mean no offense to anyone.All the names above are marvelous.But if it has hurt you in some way,please forgive.

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Time,Reason,Blog and the Prestigious Tag…..

I feel its been years since I scribbled something here. Honestly, there wasnt a single day when I did not think about it. But the job had been taking up too much of my time, that by the time I am back, it would be time to call it a day. But here I am having a 2 weeks break. TIME…

The old Compaq laptop. 6 yrs was too good a lifetime. The poor 60GB hard disk roared like a hummer most of the time.Charge stayed hardly for 15 mins and we had confirmed his time was near 🙂 We had been hanging on for no reason.Buying another was always there behind the mind.And yesterday out of the blue,we decided to go out and accidentally came across the clearance sale at Sharaf DG. Acer Aspire 5742G for a luring buy. 500AED lesser than the normal price. With a single piece remaining in the offer,we didnt have time to think and so, here I am happily posting this from this sleek and stylish fella. 🙂

The only thing remaining was a reason to write. Bhavia gave me one.The ABC award. Thank you dear.

Time,reason and the right equipment.I cant ask for more…..

But the award does not come that easy. She would let me take the award only if I fulfill the pre requisites. One of them would be naming the alphabet ceremony. I certainly wouldnt take time as much as Abhishek did to name his beti 🙂

A – Adaptive (a lil too much.This is one of my weaknesses that people tend to exploit)

B – Brave, but a true Brat

C – Crazy

D – Dumb Chick (Remember Blonde moments? I am a dumbo at times)

E – Erratic

F – Foody by birth. Smiling at the light of the refrigerator is a favorite past time

G – Giggling (Am quite infamous for this snickering laugh)

H – Haywire (I know crazy did explain that. Just wanted to add to the gravity of my craziness)

– Innovative when it comes to husband’s birthdays(Birthday Treasure Hunt would explain that)

– Jubilant

– Kid at heart

L – Loves to laugh

M – Mother 🙂 Oh Yes. Magnanimous when it comes to treat my friends

N – Never fails to keep in touch

O – ‘Organised’ is not my card

P – Pleasing others is a trick you should learn from me

Q – Queer questions from me can drive anyone to death. Guaranteed!!

R – Roady type (Himalayan Odyssey is next in the list)

S – Sensitive at times

T – Topics!! There is never a lack for that 🙂

U – Ultra sensitive at some other times

V – Vulnerable

W – World to me, is my family

X – Xtra ordinarily brilliant when there is an occasion of a self goal 🙂 Naaah!! Just being sarcastic.I get targetted all the time. But am Xtra Ordinarily sportive.So never will there be an issue 🙂

Y – Youthful forever. Lots are jealous for this one reason 😉

Z – Zeeeeee is me. Zealous and Zestful am I.

And then for the Eleven’s tag, the rules are laid forth

1. You must post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.

4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Bhavia wouldnt let me pick the tag if I do not answer her 11 questions. So here you go…

1)How did you start blogging?

This is the best way to start the tag cos Zradar has Bhavia as its god mother 🙂

2)Is there any post in your blog which made you cachinnate/cry while writing it?

I was in tears while writing,while reading and then again when i reread – The Best Thing about marriage

3)Are you romantic?Prove with explanations

Definitely yes, esp when it comes to husbands birthdays and our anniversaries. Candles all over the house, cuddly toys, heart shaped balloons and cakes, surprise gifts. You can count on me for romantic birthday ideas.

4)What is your dream possession and why?

Harley-Davidson. Told you girl, I am the roady type.

5)A movie character which you have empathized?

Chris gardner (portrayed by WIll Smith) in Pusuit of Happyness

6)One simple dish,with recipe,which you know to cook apart from Maggi noodles and egg omelet?

Vermicelli Rolls – An arabic sweet. This recipe is simple, too simple though not made in the authentic way.

Crush a packet of Vermicelli (the thinnest strands available) roast the same in ghee.When turned golden, add milkmaid and switch off the stove.Mix thoroughly. Roll then into small balls,and press individual balls onto the lid of a plastic container after layering crushed pista on the bottom of the lid. Turn the lid upside down and take the balls out which has now taken the shape of the lid (sort of small cylinder if lid is round). Refrigerate for an hr or two and serve as dessert.

When guests come without prior intimation, this is often helps.

7)Have you fooled anyone or vice versa?

The vice versa part has happened quite a lot.One of them being Blonde Moments

8)Which is your close to heart sound track and why?

This is the first song husband sang for me and therefore.

9)Which book are you reading now?

To be honest, nothing right now. After I became a huge fan of Freakonomics, have bought Super Freakonomics.

10)Your favorite woman and why?

Tough,..Amma is my all time favorite. Next would be me.

11)What effort do you make in your life to make India a better place to live?

Have sponsored the education of a few girls from remote villages of India. Courtesy World Vision India.

It is time for passing the tag. I have picked my favorites once again. Some of you would have already been tagged with this award, but let me still do the award ceremony.

MyOnlineJournal,Smitha,CraftyShines,Pins and Ashes,Raji,IndianMuslim,Padmapriya,Deepak Karthik,Joshi,OMC,leckerandyummyrecipes,…..

And my questions.This is fun now 🙂 😉

1) Do you think there is a woman behind every man?

2) Do you believe in God and why?

3) Why do you think you blog?

4) What is the bestest memory with your lover/spouse?

5) Which is that one place in the world you wouldnt dare to travel to and why?

6) Do you like the US. Why?

7) Are you smart enough to escape from any situation? Describe.

8) Which is the one circumstance you could not have survived without the support of your parents?

9) Staying with In-laws is like……

10) What change does parenthood bring into your life?

11) Are you able to remember your grocery shopping list by heart without making the list?

Work & Life

30 and old????Naaa….

Remember Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S?He had a pact with god that he wouldn’t turn thirty.. 🙂

But 30 and old? Naaaa,Not anymore.. Well, 30 doesn’t look that old as I thought it would be. I just crossed that milestone and now I do not have worry about reaching 30 anymore…,

During college days, people who crossed 30 were looked upon as matured and grown up adults. OK..So I do not have to wait to be matured anymore 🙂 People normally do not agree that I am one..

A friend mentioned that am ageing gracefully.So I just went back to those old snaps with him (more than a decade old),compared it with recent ones,and yes, I do look a lot better…

This epic birthday was one of the most wonderful days I ever had, or even thought I would have – Desert Safari, dune bashing, sand boarding (which I was terrible at) and just when I thought it coudnt get any better, she calls me on stage for a few minutes of belly dance.Turning 30 was fun. And who cares?Life is just the same,just like any other day.Afterall, 29 and 30 has just 1 year between them. So not that old am I 🙂 And if turning older can only bring me more birthdays like this.Then why worry?

Recently read that 30’s is the new 20’s. And 40’s is the new 30’s. So I still have TEN more years to reach there 🙂

The real fun is to see people drop their jaws when I say I am 30.So I talk my year out. While I enrolled for the driving lessons they were surprised to hear am married,even more surprised that I have a baby,totally wild when they knew she would be 2 soon,and couldnt help but be delirious when I wrote my age down. I absolutely, thoroughly, entirely, enjoyed the whole show and walked out of the institution wholeheartedly because I just turned 30. Yaaaay!!!!

Bro said that he was all bored seeing me in 20’s for last 10 yrs. Makes sense 🙂 And why not get prepared for the adventures of the next 10 years, 40 being the next milestone..The last 30 yrs did give you enough lessons to learn,so why not practice what you learned from?I am now officially grown up to advise juniors about my experiences of the past and write a book/blog on what i learnt in all these yrs 🙂

I love Pierce Brosnan when he said ” To my eye, women get sexier around 35. They know a thing or two, and knowledge is always alluring”… Another blog reads, “Now that I am 30,I can date women who are 40 and their daughters who are 20”. Sounds great..30 does add spice to life 😉 😉

Life has been good so far,and it can only be better in the years ahead. So getting old means getting BOLD.Wishing all who are 30 or more –  fantastic, fun filled years ahead. 30 something is not that big deal.Be grateful that you have had 30 yrs of life and god bless,we will live longer to see more of what we call LIFE..Its time to give yourself some more love and be who you are…

Oh!People in their 30’s needs to be relaxed.Why not a spa? Husband too agrees.  🙂 🙂 So old is gold.Wait!!Gone is gold,coming is Platinum.Please try hard and smile if you can.There I tried a poor PJ 😐