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Ever belittled your baby? – Post 7

Pari’s arrival has affected our outings a lot, esp weekend dinners. The ambience of the restaurants keep her happy only till the food arrives. Before I have my first and most awaited bite onto that lovely chicken, she would get doleful. I would have to take her for a round and amuse her while Sayf has his dinner. Once he is done and takes his turn, I will do the dining.

We have tried lot of tricks, most of which failed, though she has given us some luxury by sleeping. So last weekend we planned to take her to a café where they have life size dolls of goats. Goats, being intimate friends, were supposed to divert her attention while we could have dinner together.

Pari imitates a lot of animals. She would be hardly an year old when I played “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and she started saying “Baaaahhaahaa”. The shiver in the sound was quite interesting that we began teaching her to imitate other animals too. That is still her best-loved game. We name the animals, she gives the sound and goat remains her favorite. In a few months, she grew far beyond all of that, recognizes each animal from her cartoon shows and imitates them on her own.

So according to the plan, when she was put down, I took her to the array of goats and started saying “Goat, Goat”.. There she was thrilled and ran around them mocking “Baaaahhaahaa”. I could see an energized Sayf. Two reasons – Pari was enjoying and We could have our dinner in peace. Thought of leaving her with the goats when the young lady gave me a weird look and said, “Amma… Paava, Paava”. Paava is doll in malayalam.

I was baffled. Excited that my little doll understood it and embarrassed that I belittled her.

KIDS!! They observe us so well and learn from us much faster than we imagine. And WE!!. We underestimate their understanding because they can’t reciprocate in our language. That may be why they often outsmart us 🙂 🙂

Sayf too had a perplexed look. Yeah!! Dinner was at stake again..