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Blessed again,..

After a long wait of 9 months and a tough delivery, we have been blessed again with another baby girl, and a scorpion as husband wanted it to be. In the hope that she will add a lot of stories to this space, i will call the latest entry – Saga.

Pari has taken it really well (till now). She is the super excited big sister ready to take care of the younger one and trying to teach her all the rhymes that is known.

…And even after being away from the blogosphere (pure injustice,I admit) for such a long time, I am very glad that many of you remembered to come back, check my status and inspired me to write again. Special thanks to Bikram and Jazz.

Marriage & Motherhood

Happy and expecting..

A lot say that it will be difficult for us to manage with two babies of the same age. Well, everything has its own ups and downs. Why worry when you have already decided to go ahead with this step? There are lot of positives that I can see….

1. Me and bro are just 2 yrs apart. We could connect to each other very well and proudly share a strong bond.  The kids will grow up together, and we as parents do not have to start from the beginning all over again. Let daughter be a friend to the new arrival than a big sister.

2. We are definitely better than a friend who fell pregnant with an 8 month old baby and cousin with a 5 month old.

3. I will not have to reduce the big flab on my stomach (left from the first pregnancy) now. Hopefully it will happen after the 2nd one. If i had slimmed down by now, i would have been so disappointed 🙂

4. Now i am sure to get seat in metros during my long journeys to office 🙂

5. Pregnant lady with a baby – no more waiting in long queues anywhere. esp immigration counters

6. Came across an article that dark chocolate is good for preg ladies. What an excuse to have one!!

7. Do not have to find space to store the elder’s toys and dresses. I can make use of them right away.

8. Am already 30. I better have the two be raised in my good health.Hope I will have the endurance and energy to keep in pace with the 2 little monsters.

But having said all that, children are reflections of parents. Whether we have only one or more, whether of same age or not, the values that parents instill have a great role in character formation of our children.Socializing, compromising, sharing,.. are all lessons implanted from home. Our children are our social responsibility.

Marriage & Motherhood

Sharing a peice of joy….

Sometime during mid 2010, I wrote a mail which began like this…

“The year that passed, was one that brought lot of happiness, lot of brightness and lot of changes in life. The year that just landed would have a lot in store, but the one that went deserves a note.

Last year began with lot of anticipations,aspirations, anxieties and assumptions of ‘me-in-gestation’ and my preparations and arrangements for qualifying as a mother.Pari came to this world on Feb,bringing loads of joy and putting an end to my worries. Our marriage had crossed a span of 2.5yrs. The love for Sayf and the comfort of our closeness made me wanted to go back to Chennai. Sayf too missed us badly, but I had to stick with the traditional 3 months rest at home :0) It was necessary as me and Pari were going through a new phase of life. And the grand parents at both the sides, needed their share with her….

Time flies so fast,but without Sayf it just dragged. He too counted every second for it to be July. And finally the time came. Pari was all cuddled up and sleeping throughout the journey which made it easier for us to handle things.

I geared up to be a full fledged mother, for I had to join office in another months time.Sadly Sayf had to move to Dubai.I was worried about my unsettled life and the huge responsibility I would have to handle without him. Me and the baby alone,work started,house to be managed.”I wouldn’t survive”, I thought.But we did. Allah’s blessing and thanks to friends.

There were a lot of mummy-me moments.We emerged out as two happy souls.Sometimes to recognize the real strength inside, you need to be when left without a choice.Those few months had only made me more confident,more courageous and more resilient, than I could ever imagine me to be……”

This year would be no different. God willing, a Scorpio would pop out 🙂 giving the same pleasure as much as Pari did earlier. But the anxiety would be no longer about pregnancy or delivery (now that I know what to expect) but about post delivery – How daughter is going to adapt with the new arrival and how I am going to succeed in the tough task of motherhood with 2 kids.

Well we can only hope that things would take a turn for the good. God bless us with a normal and healthy baby.

God bless us all.

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My Best friend’s wedding

Am so happy and thrilled.My best friend is getting MARRIED.

Am slightly apprehensive too…My BEST FRIEND is getting married.

Here is my all time favorite friend,the one who respected me for the woman I am,..Here is the guy whose mere presence would make my smile wider,the guy who has been with me for almost a lifetime now.15 yrs would be too short to call as a lifetime relationship,but i am only 30 and he shared half of the life span 🙂 The best of those memories flash across when I scribble down this post. From the time we met, he has been there all throughout to make my life a pleasant journey. Without any second thoughts, I could run into him anytime,any weather to share the happiness,sorrow or even the silliest gossip. We devise crazy schemes, talk ultimate non sense, laugh at ourselves & others,fight on who looks older and would tolerate each other sing for hrs.. We are two extremely bad singers and so the degree of tolerance is a bit higher than it actually seems.And yes, all these yrs its me who needed him more than he did. And now its time to share him, a major part goes to her ofcourse 🙂

Am sure most of us would have had this phase at some point during our best friend’s wedding or a favorite cousins marriage or someone of that sort. I still remember him mentioning how sad he was, when he was happy about my marriage getting fixed after a lot of drama 🙂 Well that part was quite easier as husband grew fond of him.

So there I too am,…

Befriending someone has never been difficult so far 🙂 SO am hoping she would soon be my friend too. Sharing some lovely little secrets about him would do the task.I am good at that.If they had been anywhere closer,I would have invited them home already.Fingers crossed!!They would be able to pay us a visit soon.

But he is getting married,and it is for the good.Things will never be the same for us,and I have tuned into that music already.The fear is about feeling out of place next time I meet him.Fear is whether she would accept us the way we are.I do not like to be the pain on anyone’s ass for that matter.So if she will not be comfortable,I would have to put my foot down and step out of it. God forbid that wouldn’t happen,because…

…because we are meant to be together and now,we would rock with our families.Need to do some shopping now,for I have to be at my best while witnessing the most beautiful moment of his life.And now that am all geared up,I just hope the new job wouldn’t become another hurdle to attend the function that am eagerly looking forward to, for if I do he wouldn’t let me live to write another post 🙂 🙂

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Moi made them :-)

After shifting,we noticed that Pari’s toys occupied an unreasonable amount of space.ORGANIZE remained the only choice left 🙂 And guess what? I proved to be good at that 🙂 🙂

Well, storage boxes and fancy racks were available in plenty but seemed out of budget. So I had to come up with something. Too many cartoons from the shifting were yet to be disposed and thats when I tried to convert one of them into a storage bin.

No professional look you should expect.Am an amateur in arts and crafts 🙂 Still looks good to me. Mmmm. Not bad actually. The best part – Cost is 1/10th of the ones in market. Just a few gift wrappers and an hour of your day is all you need. Style than cash,if you call it so.. 🙂


And now that I have started the new year with some recycling, I just hope it continues and the house remains organized.

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Parental Negligence

Last saturday started gloomy with the news of a blind 4 yr old who fell from the balcony and passed away later. His parents were away to drop their elder son at school. We had our own discussions,reasoning and conclusions about the incident and then went to a park nearby.

And there was an eyesore.To avoid all sorts of legal jargon I have hidden his face,the eyes of the little guy was exhausting though.

A little fellow,hardly 2 yrs,hanging on the swing and dozing off all alone. It was depressing.Reporting to the security would not help as the park was too large for his parents to find him. Unsure of what to do,we stood beside the swing that tilted one side as there was every chance he would fall down and get hurt.We were  monitoring, occasionally holding onto him, under the impression that the maid who brought him would be there soon.Parents can’t leave kids like that!!!

A small girl (about 5yrs)came at random,swayed him,but we couldn’t communicate to her properly.Aabout half an hour later,arrived a high school lad.After we explained he took the baby, who was still asleep and walked to a couple who was lavishly having their own time in the park. They were on a picnic, with all 6 children who were disbursed throughout the garden. Yes,I agree it is difficult to have our eyes on all the little ones all the time. But leaving a baby,all alone who wouldn’t even be able to tell someone why he was there or whom he came with, is not pardonable.Does it not show that you are interested in only making them and not raising them?

Which one do you think is a worse example of negligence? The grief brought by the loss of a child is beyond comparison.
It is important for parents to have their time, but will they be able to forgive themselves if something happens? Am not asking you to save the world or stop child abuse or halt child begging,…but only pleading you to be responsible for your own blood.

Leave the thought of daughter being left alone,I can’t even stand the sight of her with a scrapped knee,this being the most common.No,I am not over protective.Am only trying to be accountable.Till the time, she is able to come and tell me legibly what happened, I should stay vigilant,and if necessary even after that….

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We learn with time and burn the same…

Not once, but many a times I have cribbed in this space about the ‘time-less’ness.. Everyday starts with a to-do-list. Urgent/Not Urgent/Important/Not important. Some would be done, rest carried forward for tomorrow.  The concern is always T.I.M.E..

Time flies, and so fast it flies. I remember when I was carrying we wondered how fast the first 2 yrs of marriage went. Now daughter is almost 2, and we wonder how fast her first 2 yrs passed by.Am sure when she turns 16,we would still be wondering the same..And so are most of us. We never realize where all of this TIME flies to 🙂

Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn.
– Delmore Schwartz


Father is punctual. Since the time I can recollect he would be there on his table @4am, with a steaming black tea – Cases (Advocate), Courts, Politics, Current affairs – He knew it all. It is wonderful how much could be done if we are always doing. He never insisted us to be so, though he tried to pass on the importance. Sadly, we never inherited it.

Amma too did so much in a day. Taking care of household, managing her lectures (Zoology Professor),helping us with home work. She even taught us knitting/ stitching/ making handmade toys… Her list was endless. She is now retired, but is determined never to be idle.

Never heard both of them complaining for want of time, for they used all of what they had.

No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any  – Author Unknown

I only have half tasks, of what they have done in a day. But I have not mastered those skills, and therefore I would definitely need those 2 extra hrs..

Undoubtedly, undeniably, I need to please him, for the day will come – Judgement day. My creator would weigh my deeds. Eternity is an indisputable worry and therefore, some of my extra hrs will be devoted for him…

After a tiring day at work, I may find time to run to gym but not talk to my parents. Strange isn’t it? A part of my extra hrs goes definitely for them…

A division would be allotted for the family who grew up with me, stood beside during my ups and downs. There is no blood relation. They are called friends.

Daughter bonding is what I enjoy the most these days. Connecting with nature was almost forgotten. A share of this extra hrs would be used to adore the smell of the sand, emotions of the beach, vastness of the sea, bright blue sky, tinkle stars (as daughter addresses) and other beautiful characters of mother earth…

The last bite of this  extra hrs is for me and my solitude. My cracked heals have been raising voice for justice. They have to be attended. And then to luxury of a spa. Some reading, some more blogging, and some ‘me and myself’ moments. Browsing through the diaries of past..A while to indulge in the essence true self….

And then comes the if clauses of life…If only daughter had been generous like Indi and Surf excel, If only boss would be generous enough not to extend the work hrs,…would I be able to use these hrs… 🙂 🙂

But how much ever I long for, the truth is that I can only keep waiting. Time is limited to 24hrs a day. Some gets only a week’s value out of an year, and some other’s gets a full year’s value out of a week. We have to make the most of what we have got. So lets start USING time, than spending it. Lets start INVESTING time, than complaining for it.

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it. – Author Unknown

Above post is submitted for the contest in Indiblogger, “If you had two extra hrs in a day,how would you spend it?”.If you like this post,please vote here.

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The Birthday Treasure Hunt

The much awaited day is here. Nov 14.  This date could not be missed for this is a chance to prove how much I love him 🙂 🙂

This year was different. Dubai!!I feared, but regained my vigor.The new place may have limited my mobility, but certainly not my creativity. And again, every birthday is a challenge – to show how thoughtful and better I could be from how we celebrated it last time. Remember Monika (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)?  So I compete with myself 🙂 🙂 to make it innovative, creative and enjoyable than last time. And google as usual – always helpful and friendly 🙂 🙂

“Normally people call and pass their wishes. Why not he call friends/family this time and get the wishes?”. This thought was the spark. So a treasure hunt was planned involving loved ones,gathered a few gifts from here&there.

A birthday card was created with a few handmade cards. It read so…

“Happy Birthday!! Its truely meant,

A few clues lead to your present.

Lets make your birthday eventful,

With a treasure hunt, so wonderful.

People will lead to places, back&forth,

And you’ll enjoy it from pillar to post. Please do!!

To compose the rhyme&verse, I may have brought out some nonsense.

So please fine tune to my composition and get started……”.

The card was dropped on his desk by a colleague, when he was away for prayers. Card had the first clue enclosed within and went on like this,

“A commonality holds so true, with this colleague than the other few.                 

Thesaurus says he is the king of woods, His kin resides in our neigbourhood“.

Prince was the only mallu colleague and stayed next door. An easy start!! Prince passed on the next clue.

“Waiting for you boy, is your new toy

Make sure you open the roof, before you unwind the loop”.

Our new car is his second love and his ‘new toy, he says’.The panoramic roof had a message from me and the purse behind the pillion seat carried the next clue and a gorgeous tie. Gift1 🙂  🙂

“This woman has seen you naked,

With her first son’s wife lies the next little secret”.

Husband’s big bro and family stayed nearby. After being playful for a while, big SIL disclosed the next clue 🙂

“This is where we spend our time,

Typing things, Reading online…”.

Laptop was the answer though it was initially misunderstood as facebook 🙂 Gift2 and the next lead was sincerely kept in his laptop by prince while he went in search of the previous clue.

“Before we ask, she understands

For she carries such a selfless heart.

The lady is awesome, gentleman so calm

They have a place, Oh! so warm.

A place to hog, A place to rest,

I would rather call it our own nest”.

Husband mistook this for his mother. Got hold of it after a while though…

Smitha (His X-colleague) and family were so close. She is an amazing cook and a true friend, so could not be spared from the list. Hogging and their house were so closely related 🙂 She gave him the next lead, ofcourse only after dragging the ISD call for a while.

“Books, Adaptors, Heels&Boots,

Games and other unknown loot…”.

Dumped with almost every mess in the room, our shoerack was so close to waste bin. So he came home, and continued the search. A few Strawberry dipped dark Chocolates from Edible arrangements were supposed to be inside along with the next clue. The home delivery came a few minutes after he was home and so was handed over in person 😦 Shoerack was an easy guess, but to find the clue from inside was a tough job. And finally when he found..

He may take time to get ready,

but for us he’ll always be steady.

An apple @ our home is his gift,

Now call him in search of your gift”.

My bro who was renowned for taking a long time to get ready, had gifted us an Ipod touch. So he expressed how expensive this bday is gonna be and dialled the next ISD no. After having some fun, bro gave away the hint.

“Underneath our welcome mat, All this time a clue has sat”.

Pretty straight forward. A key chain and the next track came from under the mat.

“Wish we could span the miles,

Hold them close and bring them smiles.

They may be far, but why to fear?

Take the phone and call them dear”.

Sheetal was a friend from college and we got along so well with the couple. They had moved to US sometime back and so we always mentioned about missing them and meeting them. The clue was vague, but he guessed it right.Next ISD call.

“This is were we dump our dress,

Right now, Its mostly just a mess”.

Our cloth basket. Carried a belt and the next clue was revealed.

“You see each other less these days,

But she’ll be close to you always.

You loved her right from the start,

The tie that binds are from the heart”.

His sister and family lived far. But the guesswork was perfect!! She gave the next lead.

“Go,look somewhere nice and cold,

Where hopefully you’ll find no mold”.

Freezer!!Even before opening he asked again guessed it to be an ice cream cake. Baskin Robbins icecream cake was always in the want-to-try list 🙂 🙂 The cover had the next hint.

“Where could I go? Where should I be?

Stop playing games, come and find me”.

The initial plan was to book for a buffet in a nearby restaurant with Cobone Coupons. Me and daughter would wait for him at the lounge and once he tries to find us we would reveal the place. That could have been a perfect end to the hunt, coupons got over before I could book. I thought of hiding somewhere else, but couldn’t manage one more gift. There were other ways to add fun 😉 but sadly nothing worked out and I was there right beside him when he read the clue. That was sad!! But he did enjoy the way his birthday stood one step ahead of the previous ones’. 🙂 :-).

So let me wish myself better luck next time and stop from making it lengthier…Ahem!!Next time perhaps I may gift him a physical trainer. Looks like he is really in need of one 🙂

Incase any of you think it would be useful for you, please try…

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Ever belittled your baby? – Part2

After reading my blog on our Prudent Pari, a few friends shared their experiences.

My friend’s kiddo is 1.5 yrs and always insists that TV should be on. Once when she said there is no power @ home, and so no TV. The little guy points at the fan which was running and gives a ‘What the hell’ look.

The same little fellow once saw his papa struggling with mosquitoes in the evening trying to shoo them, kill them and what not. Son takes his father’s hand, walks to the refrigerator and points onto the top. There lied an Electric mosquito zapper. He is a smart pants!!

Our niece had visitors @ home. She was trying to show off her toys to the guests when one of them asked what she wants to become when she gets big. Without any second thoughts she mentions that she wants to cook and eat some good food when she gets bigger 🙂

Niece doesnt leave grand parents too. MIL had been to Dubai for a vacation. She bought a pair of ear rings and a bangle for her. The young lady immediately wanted to know when they will go back. ”When you come back next time, bring me one more bangle, ok”. Very specific,eh?

When our niece turned 4, the parents put her in Pre KG. She liked the school but dint like school bus. Mother was reading ‘Malgudi Days’ when she came home.

Niece: “Why can’t Papa take me to school Amma?”

Mom: “Because he has to go to office”

Niece: “Why don’t you take me then?”

Mom: “Because I do not have a license”.

Niece: “You sit and study some text book rather than sitting on this story book. If you study well, you can take license amma, don’t worry”.

Another friend has a son who went to play school since he was 1.5 yrs. So at the age of 3, when he went to school, he stood their like a hero when all the other children were crying. When he was back, he told his parents.”Am not going to that school anymore. The students act like small babies, yelling “Amma,Amma” all the time. Put me into a school were children behave according to their age”. The parents were proud but they worry if the little one will become independent too soon…

My friend is lucky to have her parents next door. Once for some kitchen-ingredient-emergency she had to run to her parents’ flat.WHen she was back,son stood at the door with a big face. “Amma, next time when you go out, please don’t forget to wear your duppatta. If not, people will say, Puppy Shame”. What more to say?!?!?!.

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Love for brushes!!

If bombs could be made from Tooth brushes, we would have definitely been detained in Dubai airport. Our suitcases contained nearly 20 tooth brushes – all of different sizes, shapes and brands and contributed from different people with love 🙂 Still wondering why it was overlooked during the security scan.

We have been carrying a set of tooth brushes wherever we go since Pari has developed a weird fancy for them. And that’s why people contribute them to her collection 🙂 The cluster now range from finger brushes to baby brushes to fancy brushes, normal brushes of different brands, a paint brush and a hair brush. Its fun to see her counting them and holding onto them like her babies. She bathes them, feed them, play with them, hug them and sleep with them. “If I were a tooth brush, she would have kissed me”, hubby comments after he gives up begging her for a kiss. She has a very limited stock of kisses, most of which are bagged by her tooth brushes.

Guests often wonder why there are disseminated tooth brushes all over the rooms. It is difficult to describe her favorite pastime, so we have started giving the typical ‘embarrassing smiles’ and taking it as one of those countless times when children embarrass parents 🙂 🙂

She wakes up asking, “Amma, Toot Beesh”.. We are happy that she atleast calls me before tooth brush even though importance is given the other way. Every time I take her to the loo, she grabs two of our tooth brushes, plays with it, comes out with it, her face pink with the happiness of freedom fighters holding flags in both their hands and adds to her collection. But the collection is hidden most of the time that everyday morning half an hour is spend on tooth brush search 🙂 🙂

When my brother was setting up their home Pari was around and gave an expression as though we were giving her tooth brushes one tenth of this new brush that she saw – Toilet Brush. So we should be happy that she has not started collecting that one. Phew!! 🙂

We would have been happier if she loved brushing the same way. Alas!! With all her strength she resist brushing but still love her ‘Beesh’. The sad part is that with more than 20 tooth brushes at home, me, Sayf and Pari (at times on her own) have to use the same brush when it comes to the time when real brushing is required.

We would have been happy if she loved brushing the same way. Alas!!With all her strength she resist brushing but still love brushes.