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When believing is seeing,….

I have no picture as to how to start or end this topic, but Krishna Murugan’s questions had to be answered. Religion, Faith, God,.. Krishna, my colleague, argued about the existence and truth of everything.

Here are his ‘W’s on God… Let  me try to answer them in my version.

Q. Why believe in a man-made religion?

A. Religion is man made. The wise men of yester years had to form a set of rules to stop the chaos in the society and cultivate polished humans for tomorrow. But every religion has a common concept and that is ‘G-O-D’. It is not religion that people believe in, but its god.

Q. Why do you pray?

A. People may have a lot of reasons to pray. It may be to thank god for the food, for helping them pass exams, for the well being of themselves and their loved ones, and lot more..

For me, prayer is the bond between me and god. He, to whom, I can communicate about anything and everything. For am sure, he will be with all his ears to stop my tears. This bond always helped me sharpen my confidence and above all, helped me to attain peace of mind..

Q. Where is god when we are sad?

A. In this busy world where maintaining work-life balance is difficult, god is crowded out of our minds. It is when sadness strikes that we run to god for help. So on a positive note, sadness is a way to spend time with god.

But if your questions is about tragedies like earth quake or tsunami, then let me tell you that god has different plans for each of us. Havent you read about people who saved others’ life putting theirs’ at risk. Do you not feel that you would have also helped the needy, if you a got a chance to? Sometimes to show the existence of goodness in others, to reveal the existence of selfless people on earth, to plant that element of goodness in you or to wake up the real human in you, god too will have to take some extreme steps.

Q. Why terrorism when god exists?

A. When he created man, he also gave us freedom of choice and freedom of thought. Had he created man without choice, we would all be forced to believe in him. But god wanted us to learn, think and then choose between right and wrong. He wanted not blind faith, but know him and then believe.

The same message is interpreted by different people differently, and so is conveyed differently. What is wrong for the world, may be right to some people. They are not made different, but they chose to be different. Let the almighty forgive the wrong doers.

Q. Why god is not proven scientifically?

A. This one is the toughest of all.

While doing some research on Islam, I have come across this beautiful statement – “Science is not mature enough to prove the existence of god”.

So let me reframe this question. How did god touch our lives today? It may a help from a stranger, a greeting from your nieghbour or a call from your long lost friend that helps you move on in life. Like Bhavia mentioned in “Any Help”, she helped two girls for no reason. After a tiring day at work, Fareiba’s smile still become an inspiration to go ahead. God shows his presence in our daily lives, in a variety of ways. Some refer to it as luck, but I would prefer to call it his help.

Yes Krishna, You are right. People need to be humans at heart first and then true believers of god. Only then will the purpose be served and only then will there be peace. So being a good human being, you are already one step closer to him. Take the next step and see how life changes.

You may still continue to look for facts because for you, seeing is believing. But for me believing is seeing…