Just to make you laugh for a while…..

These are not my poems. Just happened to come across an old forward during my gmail housekeeping. Thought it would be nice to share with you the nice laugh I had long back and now,….


Roses are red, violets are blue, Monkeys like you should be kept in the zoo.

Don’t feel so angry, you will find me there too, Not in a cage but laughing at you…


Twinkle Twinkle little star, You should know what you are
And once you know what you are,Mental hospital is not so far.

The rain makes all things beautiful.
The grass and flowers too.
If rain makes all things beautiful
Why doesn’t it rain on you?


I wrote your name on sand it got washed.
I wrote your name in air, it was blown away.
then ~ I wrote your name on my heart And….
I got a heart attack straight away…

God saw me hungry, HE created pizza.
HE saw me thirsty, HE created Pepsi
HE saw me in dark, HE created light
HE saw me without problems, HE created YOU.


Hope you enjoyed.

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Have you seen them?

SIL was discussing about the hungama niece had with her new bicycle. They were forced to take her for a ride.So the parents -packed the bicycle and lunch,took the children to beach (an hour ride from home) where she drove through beach road. SHOCKING????For me, yes…

When I was young,atha took me and bro to the ground near by or any roadside, where we learned to ride one. In a matter of 1 day or 2,we were rushing through the busy traffic on our own. How many of us let our children do the same?

I miss the days,

– When children would ride the bicycles for tuitions,                                    

– When we knew what our neighbours and their children did,

– When Apple and Blackberries were just fruits,

– When VCDs and audio cassettes were admired a lot,

– When ‘SPELLIN MISTAKZ’ were not a fashion,

– When the ride in our old Maruti 800 was would be much awaited for,

– When a movie ticket costed just 40/- (Wondering what would petrol cost then),

– When people would adore a gift without frowning about the brand,….

Have you seen any of them lately?

I miss those days when life wasn’t so FAST…..

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My closet – Hair pins, Hijab pins, straight pins, safety pins, hair clips, hair bands, beads and buttons, along with many other unidentified objects made it look as though a tornado just passed through. I would have learned to live with the mess but one day Pari was caught with an open safety pin in her mouth. Husband suggested that we would get an organizer to arrange them, but they came with huge price tags 🙂

My cousin sister makes flower vases frm oat meal boxes. She suggested to keep an eye in our waste bin for a few days. Most of the thrown-away’s could be useful, she said. Am not a great observer, but it suddenly struck that egg cartons could be made into organizers. Google gave an enlarged picture of other’s who had similar thoughts. Life revolves around google now 🙂 🙂

And here it is,…. Two egg racks (six eggs) pinned together, were a perfect fit into our Toffifee box. So a gift wrap glued onto the box, made it look a bit better…









A closer look into the egg rack… (Poor photography!!!)

The moment it was made, it was full. The closet still consists of a lotta unwanted things. I should perhaps clean and then start organizing 🙂    🙂

Husband liked the idea, but was more concerned about the fate of the ‘28’ toffees inside. He counted???? Unbelievable.. Men are men, eh?


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Ever belittled your baby? – Post 7

Pari’s arrival has affected our outings a lot, esp weekend dinners. The ambience of the restaurants keep her happy only till the food arrives. Before I have my first and most awaited bite onto that lovely chicken, she would get doleful. I would have to take her for a round and amuse her while Sayf has his dinner. Once he is done and takes his turn, I will do the dining.

We have tried lot of tricks, most of which failed, though she has given us some luxury by sleeping. So last weekend we planned to take her to a café where they have life size dolls of goats. Goats, being intimate friends, were supposed to divert her attention while we could have dinner together.

Pari imitates a lot of animals. She would be hardly an year old when I played “Baa Baa Black Sheep” and she started saying “Baaaahhaahaa”. The shiver in the sound was quite interesting that we began teaching her to imitate other animals too. That is still her best-loved game. We name the animals, she gives the sound and goat remains her favorite. In a few months, she grew far beyond all of that, recognizes each animal from her cartoon shows and imitates them on her own.

So according to the plan, when she was put down, I took her to the array of goats and started saying “Goat, Goat”.. There she was thrilled and ran around them mocking “Baaaahhaahaa”. I could see an energized Sayf. Two reasons – Pari was enjoying and We could have our dinner in peace. Thought of leaving her with the goats when the young lady gave me a weird look and said, “Amma… Paava, Paava”. Paava is doll in malayalam.

I was baffled. Excited that my little doll understood it and embarrassed that I belittled her.

KIDS!! They observe us so well and learn from us much faster than we imagine. And WE!!. We underestimate their understanding because they can’t reciprocate in our language. That may be why they often outsmart us 🙂 🙂

Sayf too had a perplexed look. Yeah!! Dinner was at stake again..


My second love

My second love. All time, all weather favorite. Chocolates!!

After the health benefits of dark chocolates were established, I have incorporated them as a part of my diet 🙂 Yeah, skipping the chocolaty dessert is now considered a sin 🙂

Cant take my already wide eyes off those tempting truffles at Cake Walk. They only get wider with the Intense dark chocolate pastries at Café Coffee day. Simply irresistible!! I always wonder how would I reject someone, if at all they propose me with a box of Lindt Dark Chocolate with Intense orange. I cant figure out who would I choose between My husband or Dark Chocolate with mint. Being a voracious feeder on this family, enjoying every bit of it melting down my throat cannot be repressed, so I just thought of trying to make one. Some effort added onto those scrumptious heavenly delights will be a definite  add-on to the taste.

Jan 9th was my birthday. But it would have just been like any other day if I had not received my gift from him and not tried on this cake recipe. A few colleagues had planned to drop by and so I decided to tryout making one. And it turned out to be an incredibly rich moist dark chocolate cake, enough to make a beginner proud. Happy birthday Z. What a wonderful start to the New Year. This was my first trial on one.

The preparation time is not even 30 minutes, and so much of a no bother, no messy, no sweat task and you don’t even requite an electronic beater.



250 gm Saltless butter

250 gm Dark Chocolate/Cooking chocolate


¾ cup boiling water

1½  cup sugar . Can be 1 cup if you would not prefer it to be very sweet or like the bitterness of dark chocolate.

¾ tbsp Instant coffee powder


2 cups of all purpose flour

½ cup cocoa powder

1 tsp (level) soda powder. Try not to use baking soda as it may reduce the rich chocolate color.


Eggs – 3

Steps involved

1. Melt the butter in low flame, add the grated chocolate to it and stir until the chocolate is well dissolved – Set1.

2. Add the sugar and coffee powder to the boiling water and stir until no residue remains – Set2.

3. Mix all the ingredients in set3 into a bowl and sieve the same. Add the chocolate mix (Set1) and stir the batter using a thick spoon in slow circular motion until no lumps. Add Set2 and do the same.

4. Now add the eggs one by one until all of it is mixed well and all you have is a lump-less chocolaty batter. Tastes awesome in this stage itself 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now preheat the oven at 170-175C. Once preheating finished bake for about 50-60 mins at 175C. Here is the result.

This delicate piece of love should be cut or demolded only after it is cool, for it is too brittle. If you are impatient like me to have the first bite, then you are likely to get a heavy dent like I have on my cake above :0)

This was a major hit when served hot with vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce.

Good luck!! Have chocolaty year ahead!!

Recipe courtesy: Magic oven (Kairali TV) hosted by Lakshmi Nair.

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The Economy Baby

”I always wanted a girl, but after I walked into a baby shop am relieved that I have a boy. The price tags were so shocking”, a friend joked when she called to convey her love for Pari. Yeah!! She is so right.Fashion has crept so much into all kinds of baby accessories, making them highly expensive. Baby dresses, toys, dolls, feeding bottles, knee pads have all grown beyond budget.

A decent salwar for me would be around 700+. One for Pari would fall in the same range with less than half the amount of cloth. So do I stop buying? No!!They are just too tempting that I can hardly walk out of a shop without a pair of dresses and a matching socks for my darling daughter 🙂 She is going to be an year old on the coming Feb, and I have even plans on what kind of birthday cake we should have. This is no flaunting. Its only a way to celebrate my happiness.I am no big spender, but there are times I cant help buying for Pari. Someone inside keeps telling that my daughter should not miss anything. And then I just get lost in the stunning world of baby toys. I want her the one that sings her favorite rhyme, one that is the most colorful, one that could drive her attention, one that is handy for her, one that does not hurt her, one that she could use later etc etc.. And this ‘one’ would turn out to be expensive. After all our children should get the best!!Not sure if that’s an excuse also?!?!?

But Pari seems to be a lot concerned about the expenses on her and her mother’s attitude 🙂 So she has started to unearth a completely new set of toys, all on her own. My chappals are the favorite of all. When I shoo her off from that vicinity, she grabs her powder tin and bangs it on the floor as a protest. Now that she has started crawling, the dust bin has mesmerized her with its variety. The waste bin is two times Pari, but I once caught her picking and licking a chocolate cover from inside. Any time she cries badly, the rattling of a plastic cover makes her happy. She is often discovered from under  a pile of news papers or curled inside our French window curtain. Everyday she would explore a new tooth paste cover or diaper rash cream tube and play with it for hrs. This innocent lady was once seen following an ant trail and beating the ants that came last… Baby joys sprouting from baby observations!!

Bhavia and Snoopy were home this weekend with cute petite laptop for Fareiba. Am a major fan of her laptop now but Pari seems to fancy the hard board cover in which the laptop came.

Finding something to make her smile has become a lot easier for me. But she smiles too sweet that my friends can’t resist buying her a gift. But when they inquire, I wonder what would she be interested in? May be I should ask them for a salwar to use when she gets bigger 🙂

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The Untouchable EGG

When I was just few months old, amma introduced egg in my diet for the very first time, but I puked the whole meal. This might be usual for a lot, but amma who is slightly over concerned, over anxious and over careful about almost everything in the world reacted in a slightly different manner. She placed me in the egg-allergic category. Its been 28 yrs, but she has never served me an egg after that.

I was brought up hearing this story over and over again, and so egg was included in the untouchable list J I ate ice creams, cakes, chocolates and everything that had egg, but believed that am sensitive to egg.

Any relative or neighbour who heard, protruded their eyes.”Allergic to egg?No way. Please have just one piece of his omelette, pleeeease”. I politely denied. But the whole world was interested to make me eat one. And years of compulsion from everyone around, developed a weird repulsion inside me, for the already untouchable egg. I would take a faraway seat from where the egg curries were kept. I would carefully pick those scattered pieces of scrambled egg from my mixed fried rice. I would specifically order for an eggless soup, and avoided all kinds of dishes were egg was visible. Cakes and Ice creams were still my favorite 🙂

After growing up to a sensible age, and feasting on pastries and cakes of all kinds, I knew that egg might not have an awful effect on me. But I still was not able to revive from the feeling that had followed me from a very early age. During college and then in the corporate world, I kept meeting people who would raise their eyebrows on bizarre egg allergy and who would still compel me to try for once. But I took some strange pride to believe that am still allergic.

I managed not to eat egg for a long long time. But during pregnancy my doctor asked to consume one egg everyday, ugggh!! The right amount of nutrition for Pari was an emotional line to be ignored. The untouchable egg had now become unavoidable egg. I would stare at the omelette in my plate for hrs and dump it all into Sayf’s’. So Sayf tried a variety egg menu for the week. Monday would egg dosa, Tuesday Appam omellette, Wednesday Mixed fried rice, Thursday egg burji, Friday Cheesy egg sandwich and so on. That clicked well. The respect for his effort made me gulp an eggy dinner 🙂 Sayf can take the pride of being the only one who successfully got some direct form of egg into my blood. Am now relieved that Pari who has turned 10 months now, can have all the egg she needs directly. Am free from the eggy burden!!

My egg allergy may be psychological, but my uncanny attitude towards egg continues. I still dislike all forms of it and try my best to stay away from an  egg korma on the table. An involuntary aversion to those humble eggs has accumulated so badly into my blood and brain and finally resides as some kind of a blind faith that walks and talks inside to avoid the scent, taste, color or even a mere whiff of an egg!!.

The world however, reacts a bit different now. They do not compel me anymore to have one. They just discuss my mental instability towards egg,…..

Amma still believes that am thoroughly allergic. “The title of mother gives me the license to be concerned about my only daughter”, she argues every time Sayf tries to explain 🙂

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Coincidence Galore

My friend and x-colleague, Saravanan called his friends Shaktipriya to pass on birthday wishes and invite her for his wedding. Both their birthdays fall on the same date, so it is easy for him to remember 🙂 This is how the conversation went.

Saravanan: “Hi Priya, Happy birthday”

S.Priya:”Thanks Saravanan. Happy birthday to you too”.

Saravanan: “There is a good news. Am getting married.”

S.Priya:”Congrats man. Am getting married too. So where is the girl from?”.

Saravanan: “Her name is Priya, actually Gnanapriya. She is from your hometown, Madurai. What about your groom? ”.

S.Priya:”His name is Saravanan. He is from your native,Chennai :-)”.

Saravanan: “When is the wedding Priya? Me and my Priya will definitely try to come. Oh by the way, Gnanapriya’s birthday also falls on the date as ours 🙂 ”.

S.Priya:”Incredible. And yes, you and Priya should come. It is in Madurai, on the coming Feb 16”.

Saravanan: “Oh my… Don’t think I would be able to come. I would be at Madurai the coming Feb 16, but it would be my wedding then”.

Now we are all waiting to see if their kids would share the same birthdays too. LOL..

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UMA is different

Our appartment is huge. Atleast 50-60 families reside there. Most of us do not know our nieghbours. It is true that after Shebi went to Dubai, I have befriended my immediate nieghbours, securities and the flat association 🙂 But there is one name everyone in the appartment is familiar with – UMA. She is always ready,whether it is to look after your baby or get milk from the nearby shop or cut your vegetables. She offers you all kinds of services.

Uma is our part-time maid, not only ours, looks like the whole apartment has owned her 🙂

When our bell rang by 5:00ish, my mother eagerly opened the door. She smiled and greeted Uma in. Pari started jumping up and down after seeing her. “Wait dear. Let me clean my hands and then pick you up”. She rushed to the kitchen, got some dettol, played with Pari for a while and then hurried to do the dishes. “I don’t get enough time with my children. There are 12 homes now, out of which 3 goes to office that I need to reach by 7”.

Uma’s day starts at 4:30 in the morning. She cooks for her family, take water from the corporation pipe nearby for her household and get her children ready for school. She has two kids – elder is 11 yrs and younger one 6, both studying. Her job of maintaining orderliness and cleanliness at other homes start by 7.Inspite of her busy weary backbreaking schedules, she finds time to take out grandmothers to the hospital, pay electricity bills or buy vegetables, even for people whom she doesn’t work for. Strange that we keep complaining about lack of time to take our children out for a walk!! Once she finishes the last home, it will be almost 7:30 and she would have to hurry home to take care of her children. After her children hits the sack, she would have her dinner by 11:00 and call it a day. 17hrs of tedious work!!!

Uma does not have weekends either. Rarely does she take off and if she does there would be prior notice.

Oh! Yes,she has a husband, who finds it very convenient to eat, sleep, drink and finish all the hard-earned income that comes into the family. “He was not like this when we got married”,Uma said once.”He used to drink, but would give enough money to run the home. During a construction work, his hand got injured after which he was advised to take rest for few months. We had no savings and so I had to start working. His hand got cured in 3 months but he does not work anymore”. She stops with a sigh. Uma had arranged plenty of jobs for him, like a security at our home (where he does not have to use his hands at all). But the 3 months had injected a high degree of laziness into his blood. He chose to relax at his wife’s expense. “He does not work anymore. But I don’t complain. Things are moving on smooth. Why should I unnecessarily create problems at home?”. She had put in her efforts to bring him on his feet again, but now withdrawn from that task to keep peace at home.

Yesterday when Hari (Uma’s younger son) came home,he showed me how his new maths teacher had taught him to subtract. Uma proudly said,” He is my hope. I will work hard and will not let my children end up like me”. I could feel the strong determination in her voice. I really hope she succeeds.

Uma is one among the hundreds of Indian women who struggles uphill to run a family. She is one among the many who are abused and exploited. She is one among the many whose mileage is driven out by their own men. But what makes Uma different from the lot is her attitude and selfless nature. Not only me, this whole nieghbourhood would agree that she is not like the usual maids. For the same reason, I have found that everyone around is willing to help her too.

Uma’s readiness to work and her cheerfulness, makes her our favorite. She is apt, prompt and reliable (not submissive). Any minimal incentive that you give is taken with utmost happiness. To her it’s a service, which she believes will eventually bring blessings to her children. All that she want is her children to study well, earn good jobs and eventually lead a better life.

UMA’s are hard to find in the kind of society we live in. God bless her and the family!!