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Happy and expecting..

A lot say that it will be difficult for us to manage with two babies of the same age. Well, everything has its own ups and downs. Why worry when you have already decided to go ahead with this step? There are lot of positives that I can see….

1. Me and bro are just 2 yrs apart. We could connect to each other very well and proudly share a strong bond.  The kids will grow up together, and we as parents do not have to start from the beginning all over again. Let daughter be a friend to the new arrival than a big sister.

2. We are definitely better than a friend who fell pregnant with an 8 month old baby and cousin with a 5 month old.

3. I will not have to reduce the big flab on my stomach (left from the first pregnancy) now. Hopefully it will happen after the 2nd one. If i had slimmed down by now, i would have been so disappointed 🙂

4. Now i am sure to get seat in metros during my long journeys to office 🙂

5. Pregnant lady with a baby – no more waiting in long queues anywhere. esp immigration counters

6. Came across an article that dark chocolate is good for preg ladies. What an excuse to have one!!

7. Do not have to find space to store the elder’s toys and dresses. I can make use of them right away.

8. Am already 30. I better have the two be raised in my good health.Hope I will have the endurance and energy to keep in pace with the 2 little monsters.

But having said all that, children are reflections of parents. Whether we have only one or more, whether of same age or not, the values that parents instill have a great role in character formation of our children.Socializing, compromising, sharing,.. are all lessons implanted from home. Our children are our social responsibility.


27 thoughts on “Happy and expecting..”

  1. My heartiest congratulations to you ..
    I agree with having kids nearer as they have a strong connection for sure .. my sister is quiet younger then me and sometimes i do feel that in places we dont get on …

    and yayyyyyyyy to the dark chocolates but hey save some for me toooo he he he he dont eat all of them that is pure GREED 🙂

    take care and congrats once again

    1. At UK there should be a lot more variety than what we have here. So may be you should send us some.. 😉 and thanks once again.. i hope to have enough strength to cope up with the mess

  2. Hi Z, I completely agree with your points. Though we don’t have kids now, I think if we plan for 2, we’ll definitely have them in 2-3 years apart. Sometimes I wonder what if I have twins, it’ll be tough but it’ll be fun too. Anyway, you definitely enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest. 🙂

      1. It is so boring here in the US. After Imran leaves for work, I just watch movies/shows, cook, walk around, participate in online discussions etc.. Hope we get back soon so I can work. 🙂

      2. i totally life is one thing i miss here too.. i thought a job could make me feel better, but the feeling of ownness isnt there anymore.. wish we had atleast one set of friend’s here whom we could get together with during the weekends

  3. Congratulations Z!!

    Me and brother are 2.5 years apart – and we are more like friends. Well, that is another thing that he hardly looks upto me like an elder sister 😐

    Lots of love and best wishes 🙂

    1. Thanks Visha.. Well i had to find ways to be optimistic when i lotta them were trying to discourage us. After all of your comments, I feel this step would make the sibling bond grow tight

  4. Many Many Congratulations !!! Me and my sis are just 11 months apart and that is more like having a friend 🙂 I wish the same for your babies 🙂
    And wow chocolate is recommended, what fun !!!
    Take good care and wish you and your baby the best of health 🙂

  5. my sister and I are 6.5 years apart and she is not only my big sister but also my best friend and my second mother! so age difference is just a number. it depends all on the siblings.

    1. I am sure you are right.. i have seen a lotta siblings who are years apart and still closely knitted.. i was just trying to be optimistic on my situation, now that i have only this option to carry on with. 😉

  6. oh, did I step into a women’s world here? but anyway, congrats, and enjoy these hard-but-sweet days. This is the time you will get whatever you ask/demand from your husband.

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