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Do it Sweet – Post 6

Have been eating too too much and weighs 5 kgs extra in the last 3 months. Husband warns me, but I use the excuse of home sickness,  to gulp down every sweet that comes along my way…

Cheese cakes!! Who can resist them…After my neighbor gave us some home made cheese cakes, I have become an ardent fan. That’s when I came across the  Prune and Mocha Cheese cake. The tag line was catchy. If you wanna do it , do it sweet..They looked easy and delicious, and so I decided to do it, with Strawberry instead of Prune.

This was how it came out. Oops!!! Not so inviting..No warm look either…

I had used a wide ovenproof dish for the baking and so the layers went comparatively thinner. But it tasted good for a first timer. Ghee!! 🙂 🙂 Cant let down my cooking skills you know.. Husband thought that the cheese layer would have been better sans caffeine. Ok!! Next time..

But am (really naïve 🙂  ) sure the recipe would give far better results with people who know the real art of  baking…

So if you wanna do it, do it sweet. Not my way, but the Chef’s way 🙂


6 thoughts on “Do it Sweet – Post 6”

  1. haha.. I have catching up to do before making this one.. Semolina Cake is on my list next.. Will do it asap and post pics 🙂

  2. I gave up on the weight thing long time back.. I beleive we only live once os might as well enjoy.. by the time I reduce my wieght it will be ages and then what . do i eat them again gain weight so why go through all the trouble .. east decently and not abuse the body then all is well .. 🙂

    I would love ot taste all that food … 🙂

    1. dat wud b exactly how Sayf thinks t to be…He says work out well so dat u stay healthy and eat all dat u want so dat u b happy 🙂

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