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Oh!!It doesn’t matter.. Post 10


A: ” F got married. Did you know?”

Me: “Nope”.

A:”You were like best buddies in college. I thought you knew”.


A:”Well,he has invited me home.So I should be meeting the family soon”.

Me:”Good.Convey my regards to the newly wed”


Me:”Hi F, Its been long. Heard about your marriage. Congratulations!!”.

F:”Thanks. Sorry, I dint inform earlier. So whats up with you?”

Me:”No probs. Thats ok. Doesnt matter. Am fine…….”.

Seems like am out of touch with lot of my old friends. A lot of us have. It is quite normal now a days. But even with all the easier means of communication available, they forget to update you on even the most important event of their lives. Am not demanding an invitation, but I do expect to be informed. And I still say it doesnt matter…

College was almost a decade ago. Yes we were very close then. But the years after that would have definitely brought a lot of changes to his life and mine. We couldn’t remain connected forever and so the bond slightly loosened from both ends. But not informing about the marriage does hurt.¬†And I still say it doesnt matter…

We have all grown up and mature enough not to make an issue of ‘silly’ things. So even when it does matter, we pretend that it doesn’t. We pretend that these years has cultivated us into matured individuals to whom a marriage invitation doesnt matter. We pretend that we have been mellowed of age into those perfect adults who is able to adapt into the imperfect world.

We avoid people. It happens..

They avoid us. They should be busy..

We mailed someone and they didn’t reply.Can’t expect a reply all the time..

Someone mailed and you didn’t reply. They’ll understand.

So a small ignorance from an old friend and these many yrs.. So what??? I moved into the not-so-important list of someone. Doesn’t matter..I have so many others to move on with…He was important.But that was long back.

And I forgot to invite someone for my marriage. How can I remember all of them? It just happened so quick.. Doesn’t matter!!

How many excuses do we make everyday, again to pretend that it doesnt matter while it actually DOES? So what is it that does matter?

As long as we can pretend, though we are certain that our words contradict with the feeling inside, will we still say that it doesnt matter?