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The ‘Miss’-List – Post 5

After the last blog about missing Chennai, the thought of listing the things I miss the most came..

  1. Family, Friends and colleagues – Obviously all of us would miss them the most..
  2. Office Coffee points were we discussed about hikes, promotions, office politics and resignation most of the times…If not any of this, it would be a piece of gossip..
  3. Nostalgic Beaches– They used to be real fun most of the times with the milaga bajis and balloon shooting. And sometimes the air in the oceanfront drove us too emotional. Am sure it would be the beaches that witnessed the beginning, the end or sharing of our sad and happy stories of life… Btw, here they have but just 2 or 3. Not like Chennai where you had a beach every 5 kms 🙂
  4. Movies in multiplexes – Going to a theatre is a luxury here, unless it is for a really class movie (30AED’s per head).
  5. My job ofcourse – Though I was complaining about it when I had one, I realise how important it used. So this would be worth another blog 🙂
  6. Accessibility to home – Any weekend you you want or parents need, we could always pack things in a jiffy, board a train and reach home in 12 hrs. I think we used to go home every 3 weeks before Pari came along, and after her birth our parents would drop in as they could not resist her laugh and giggles. If not home, we would be at the garden city at a favorite friends’. Oh Sheetal!! Miss you too..
  7. ECR bike rides – The roads here may be 10 times better than what we had back home, but getting a two wheeler license is difficult. Not to mention that there is a strict rule to keep children below 7 yrs in the rear seat for safety and so rarely do I get a chance to be in the navigator seat.
  8. The unending STD phone calls – Vodafone plan was STD 50ps/min 🙂 Here there are only 2 providers – Etisalat and Du. No competition in the market and therefore ISD rates are too high 😦 The govt here has banned internet phone calls. If caught you would be fined 10K AEDs and deportation. No wonder Etisalat contributes to 15% of the revenue of Dubai. So now it is all restricted to net chatting where we get disconnected every 10 mins and  how much ever we talk, the satisfaction over phone will not be there…
  9. Uma, my part time maid –  She was too good that I have a blog about her and IHM suggested that it should be put in he inspiring stories..The once we get here are too expensive (25-30 AEDs per hour) and too bossy to bear..
  10. The apna pan, the ownness… 🙂

Looking forward for our return though it would take a few years 🙂 🙂 God willing!!