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… what everyone are up to nowadays,esp when it comes to naming their kids. Short, beautiful,different and uncommon are few of the criteria.And why not? Our little darlings definitely deserve their public identity to be unique .But sometimes, the race behind uniqueness yields a different result.

‘Z’ is the trend of the season.Most of the newly born girls are christened  Zahra,Zehra,Zaira,Zaara,Saira,Saara,Sarah…and sometimes Ziyan for a change.

Bollywood influence cannot be neglected either.After Fiza(the movie) released,the girls were – Fiza, Fida or Farah. And ever since Fanaa(the movie) all the newly born boys are baptized Ryan,Rayan,Rayyan,Rehan,Rehaan,Reyhaan and other variations of these. This season has not ended so far and is likely to continue until such a subtle yet beautiful name comes in another movie.No doubt this is a beautiful name and I too wanted to name my boy the same.But I was late to marry and lots of them in my age had noticed the name,so by the time we had a baby the name had become too common.Luckily we had a girl,so it wasnt tough.

Back at my hometown, all my Hindu friends have their girls named as Gowri or Gayathri. Most of the hansome lil ones are Aditya, Adarsh or Abhinav.

Just cant stop imagining a class of Zahra’s and Rehan’s and Gowri’s filling the attendance sheet 🙂

‘Z’ is what my name begins with,and it gave me lotta troubles at school.Wait patiently till the 89th call for attendance, wait another 2 more weeks for the text book stock would be over by the 80th student,and so and so..But I always loved my name going Zzzzzz 🙂

My relatives chose their twins the rhyming names – Diya and Dua.Very pretty names as much as the kids are.But it didnt stop the parents.To avoid confusion at home,they chose two nicknames – Chikku and Jikku 🙂 Yeah!!That indeed avoids confusion. Another couple has named their kids Zahra(girl) and Zahran(boy).There is a commotion when they are called as no one knows who is being addressed 🙂

A beautiful girl I met at the mall nearby was named Maha.I had not come across the name before,and was curious about the meaning.Did some googling.It meant Wild Cow with large eyes 🙂

A girl friend and her bro were born on April and October respectively and are named Aprilmol and Octobril 🙂 Easy right?

Note:I mean no offense to anyone.All the names above are marvelous.But if it has hurt you in some way,please forgive.