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Blonde Moments!!

A witty jester or a spontaneous tongue can do the trick, even when you are enjoying that spotlight.The water balloon will be just there on top of your head, and BANG!!There you would be in middle and everyone would target YOU. Blonde Moment!! Its not just for blondes,but can happen to anyone 🙂

Many a times I have shared bloopers here, but all what friends have experienced. My favorite being – Professionally innocent. I too have many – most of them were in college. The quick witted people around would advertise it so well, that many would remember for the blonde moment I had once, and they would be worth a laugh after years. They indeed make life so ‘life-full’ 🙂

I joined Engg. College a week after the classes started. Topped so well in entrance that they called me only then (Pls note the sarcasm). I was thrilled to have a seat in the prestigious CUSAT campus. It was just half an hour from home and two of my best friends from 12th grade were there. Ragging was almost over by the first week, they said and so I was safe.

And thus came my first day…Unaccompanied and overambitious I made my first step 🙂 I smiled with my braced teeth. Made comfortable by talking to a few. All seemed naive and new – The looks so deceiving,I realized later.Dutifully went and met my old pals. The not-so-pleasant warning came -” Senior visit during lunch”. How I wished I joined one day later. I warned a few class mates too. But they seemed cool. “Experienced”,I thought.”Our turn is over”,they said.”Now they would be hunting for the newbies”.Now that they were all relaxed,I dint know who to share the piled up tension with. Post lunch and I was waiting. Old friend (who turned out to be my bestest friend later) came during lunch. He wanted me to relax. We were talking right next to the class room door, when the other friend too walked in. That was infact relaxing. They shared the first-week ragging experiences,and about some good-looking newbies 🙂 I was getting into the mood,when the first one beckoned. I understood the signals. SENIORS!!We disbursed in a flash of a second.I ran to my desk,and sat as though I was ragged a zillion times. The blood was rushing to my face,when I know the two tall fellows who walked in had noticed me.

“So why did you run?”,The first one asked.                                                                      

“Are we that scary?” Second asked.

I stared,glared,gave the most blund look – but got all numb when they asked me to come outside the class room. They called the ones talking with me and warned that they should not see all of us together again. There were so many questions.I answered politely,agreed that I wouldn’t talk to the only known people in college and then, They asked me to sing. “Oh no,please no singing – for I am too good at that”(Sarcasm again). I wanted to say, but I could only open my mouth to clear my throat and sing. Was just about to sing, when another class mate walked through the middle, beaming at me with a ‘How stupid you are’ look. I gazed at the seniors and they bursted out laughing. So did my friends. I stood bewildered.I expected some good laughter,but after the song.

Turned out that the ‘so called seniors’ were our batch mates, but from another branch. I gave them a good laugh, and now that the whole class knew about the mishap on the first day, I got quite infamous that I had to smile again with those braced teeth to all those who inquired. The only good thing was that I didn’t sing. Terrible it would have been to hear people recollecting my ‘sweet’ voice after years..

My journey didn’t end there. There was so much waiting for me in the coming years. In college and after that……