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The Birthday Treasure Hunt

The much awaited day is here. Nov 14.  This date could not be missed for this is a chance to prove how much I love him 🙂 🙂

This year was different. Dubai!!I feared, but regained my vigor.The new place may have limited my mobility, but certainly not my creativity. And again, every birthday is a challenge – to show how thoughtful and better I could be from how we celebrated it last time. Remember Monika (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)?  So I compete with myself 🙂 🙂 to make it innovative, creative and enjoyable than last time. And google as usual – always helpful and friendly 🙂 🙂

“Normally people call and pass their wishes. Why not he call friends/family this time and get the wishes?”. This thought was the spark. So a treasure hunt was planned involving loved ones,gathered a few gifts from here&there.

A birthday card was created with a few handmade cards. It read so…

“Happy Birthday!! Its truely meant,

A few clues lead to your present.

Lets make your birthday eventful,

With a treasure hunt, so wonderful.

People will lead to places, back&forth,

And you’ll enjoy it from pillar to post. Please do!!

To compose the rhyme&verse, I may have brought out some nonsense.

So please fine tune to my composition and get started……”.

The card was dropped on his desk by a colleague, when he was away for prayers. Card had the first clue enclosed within and went on like this,

“A commonality holds so true, with this colleague than the other few.                 

Thesaurus says he is the king of woods, His kin resides in our neigbourhood“.

Prince was the only mallu colleague and stayed next door. An easy start!! Prince passed on the next clue.

“Waiting for you boy, is your new toy

Make sure you open the roof, before you unwind the loop”.

Our new car is his second love and his ‘new toy, he says’.The panoramic roof had a message from me and the purse behind the pillion seat carried the next clue and a gorgeous tie. Gift1 🙂  🙂

“This woman has seen you naked,

With her first son’s wife lies the next little secret”.

Husband’s big bro and family stayed nearby. After being playful for a while, big SIL disclosed the next clue 🙂

“This is where we spend our time,

Typing things, Reading online…”.

Laptop was the answer though it was initially misunderstood as facebook 🙂 Gift2 and the next lead was sincerely kept in his laptop by prince while he went in search of the previous clue.

“Before we ask, she understands

For she carries such a selfless heart.

The lady is awesome, gentleman so calm

They have a place, Oh! so warm.

A place to hog, A place to rest,

I would rather call it our own nest”.

Husband mistook this for his mother. Got hold of it after a while though…

Smitha (His X-colleague) and family were so close. She is an amazing cook and a true friend, so could not be spared from the list. Hogging and their house were so closely related 🙂 She gave him the next lead, ofcourse only after dragging the ISD call for a while.

“Books, Adaptors, Heels&Boots,

Games and other unknown loot…”.

Dumped with almost every mess in the room, our shoerack was so close to waste bin. So he came home, and continued the search. A few Strawberry dipped dark Chocolates from Edible arrangements were supposed to be inside along with the next clue. The home delivery came a few minutes after he was home and so was handed over in person 😦 Shoerack was an easy guess, but to find the clue from inside was a tough job. And finally when he found..

He may take time to get ready,

but for us he’ll always be steady.

An apple @ our home is his gift,

Now call him in search of your gift”.

My bro who was renowned for taking a long time to get ready, had gifted us an Ipod touch. So he expressed how expensive this bday is gonna be and dialled the next ISD no. After having some fun, bro gave away the hint.

“Underneath our welcome mat, All this time a clue has sat”.

Pretty straight forward. A key chain and the next track came from under the mat.

“Wish we could span the miles,

Hold them close and bring them smiles.

They may be far, but why to fear?

Take the phone and call them dear”.

Sheetal was a friend from college and we got along so well with the couple. They had moved to US sometime back and so we always mentioned about missing them and meeting them. The clue was vague, but he guessed it right.Next ISD call.

“This is were we dump our dress,

Right now, Its mostly just a mess”.

Our cloth basket. Carried a belt and the next clue was revealed.

“You see each other less these days,

But she’ll be close to you always.

You loved her right from the start,

The tie that binds are from the heart”.

His sister and family lived far. But the guesswork was perfect!! She gave the next lead.

“Go,look somewhere nice and cold,

Where hopefully you’ll find no mold”.

Freezer!!Even before opening he asked again guessed it to be an ice cream cake. Baskin Robbins icecream cake was always in the want-to-try list 🙂 🙂 The cover had the next hint.

“Where could I go? Where should I be?

Stop playing games, come and find me”.

The initial plan was to book for a buffet in a nearby restaurant with Cobone Coupons. Me and daughter would wait for him at the lounge and once he tries to find us we would reveal the place. That could have been a perfect end to the hunt, coupons got over before I could book. I thought of hiding somewhere else, but couldn’t manage one more gift. There were other ways to add fun 😉 but sadly nothing worked out and I was there right beside him when he read the clue. That was sad!! But he did enjoy the way his birthday stood one step ahead of the previous ones’. 🙂 :-).

So let me wish myself better luck next time and stop from making it lengthier…Ahem!!Next time perhaps I may gift him a physical trainer. Looks like he is really in need of one 🙂

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