As she turned 1…

Am so bad with dates – Missing a birthday is not new, but this time I feel really really bad. She silently turned one this Oct and I failed to notice. She is MY BLOG!!

The blog was born as a tribute to my husband who was then abroad. With me and Pari @ home, there was little I could do on his birthday and thus came the first blog – The Best thing about marriage. I guess it was written with so much of passion, that it still remains the best of the lot.

But little did I know that it was just the beginning. Little did I know that I had so much to put forth. Little did I know that I would enjoy the blogosphere.. Infact my blog was a way to revive myself from the companionless, dispirited days back home, for here I could share anything and everything I felt, heard and thought. Finding people with similar experiences and expressions added to the joy….

I should thank Bhavia for her inspiration and sincere cooperation 🙂 Thanks again to all those who have read my posts and shared their thoughts.

I lost track of my blog a couple of times. Actually she was important but got dissolved in other urgent priorities once we joined him at Dubai. So I should bring her back in form, and celebrate another year of togetherness.

Happy Birthday Blog, belated though…