Packing and Moving…


is tough…. But am an experienced hand now. After shifting houses for the 5th time within 4 yrs of marriage, I can be certified so. However experience does’nt really matter.Hassles,stress and struggles are a part of house shifting. And Oh!I shouldn’t forget to mention that all shiftings were actually intended for my convenience.So noone to be blamed for.

Soon after marriage when I changed job, office was more than 20 kms from where we were put up and 4 hrs in travel through Chennai traffic was quite a waste of time. So we shifted.

Perfect,well furnished brand new house. Owner’s sister was our immediate neighbour and approachable. 6 months later, she told that her daughter is returning from the US and is looking for a house. I warned husband that we might be asked to shift any time from now. In another week, owner gave us a ‘generous’ 3 months notice period 🙂

We were lucky to have found a new home in the neighborhood and shifting was comparatively easier. After an year, I was about to leave home for delivery and there was a magnanimous 8 months maternity leave (blessed we were),so all my things were taken home and then back. It dint involve any furniture (luckily), but was quite a huge task. Ofcourse for my good.

Sayf came to Dubai in a couple of months and we were supposed to join him in 5 months. So in 5 months time, the whole house had to be shifted to Kerala with the exception of a few things that had to be shipped to Dubai. Two weeks and then everything to Dubai. For our better life,na? 🙂

Not even an year here. We have shifted again. Dubai demands that we should have a 2BHK to keep a full time maid. And why maid? Am joining work soon. Yaaay!! This shifting too was for my benefit. Noone can be blamed but some good things are always accompanied by a free gift – packing and moving 🙂 🙂 We are used to living in suitcases now.

Fingers crossed!! My new office wouldn’t be too far that we have to do this over.


9 thoughts on “Packing and Moving…

  1. All the best with the shifting I know its a pain I have only done it thrice but I think I cant move anymore 🙂

    and you shifted to a different country oh my

    all the best with the new job toooooooooo

  2. 😛 Six times in 3 and a half years. Similarities eh? 🙂 Of course no furniture and am single. So I love shifting( as long as its for the good reasons as you mentioned) Good to know about your job. Best wishes!

  3. hats off to can so easily smile through so much of moving…I just can’t take it so what if it was for my sake !

    I think because I’ve not done it often I don’t like the idea of it 🙂 but still a pat on your back to have managed each move smoothly 🙂

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