Packing and Moving…


is tough…. But am an experienced hand now. After shifting houses for the 5th time within 4 yrs of marriage, I can be certified so. However experience does’nt really matter.Hassles,stress and struggles are a part of house shifting. And Oh!I shouldn’t forget to mention that all shiftings were actually intended for my convenience.So noone to be blamed for.

Soon after marriage when I changed job, office was more than 20 kms from where we were put up and 4 hrs in travel through Chennai traffic was quite a waste of time. So we shifted.

Perfect,well furnished brand new house. Owner’s sister was our immediate neighbour and approachable. 6 months later, she told that her daughter is returning from the US and is looking for a house. I warned husband that we might be asked to shift any time from now. In another week, owner gave us a ‘generous’ 3 months notice period 🙂

We were lucky to have found a new home in the neighborhood and shifting was comparatively easier. After an year, I was about to leave home for delivery and there was a magnanimous 8 months maternity leave (blessed we were),so all my things were taken home and then back. It dint involve any furniture (luckily), but was quite a huge task. Ofcourse for my good.

Sayf came to Dubai in a couple of months and we were supposed to join him in 5 months. So in 5 months time, the whole house had to be shifted to Kerala with the exception of a few things that had to be shipped to Dubai. Two weeks and then everything to Dubai. For our better life,na? 🙂

Not even an year here. We have shifted again. Dubai demands that we should have a 2BHK to keep a full time maid. And why maid? Am joining work soon. Yaaay!! This shifting too was for my benefit. Noone can be blamed but some good things are always accompanied by a free gift – packing and moving 🙂 🙂 We are used to living in suitcases now.

Fingers crossed!! My new office wouldn’t be too far that we have to do this over.