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Ssshh…Here is a secret,..

“Sssshh…Here is a secret.But wait…errr..!You are a girl,I can’t tell you”…What an INSULT!!!

An average women cannot keep secret for longer than 47 hrs, a news study says. Read it here.

I have been hearing this for long. According to the theory, guys generally talk about hi funda stuffs,cars and bikes,computers,good looking girls,social affairs and other ‘non-personal’ matters and are therefore supposed to hold secrets. Girls talk a lot, mostly gossip and therefore can’t hold one. Well, there are some women who have a sudden urge to discuss about anything they hear, but please don’t generalize. Having considerable numbers of friends – both boys and girls – I know people of both genders who can keep secrets and the ones who would spill the beans. Me? I swear if someone has told me a secret, I can keep it as a secret to my grave.

But people mistake me for lots…Reason? I am sociable,friendly and cordial. And on a general opinion,people who fall in this category,cant keep secrets… BIL was shifting to a new house and wanted to surprise his parents. Says he believe everyone will keep it, but not me. Arey bhaiyyaaa… He is half as social as I am.But social people are sensible too.They know what to talk, what not to. I do not need a label like that..

I have kept secrets for long, pretended that it never existed, lied when asked about it and refused politely when forced to. It needs will power to do that. I have even denied my ears to juicy secrets to the fear of spilling them. Yes, I love gossip but I do not want to hurt people. I respect others privacy as much as I respect mine. I respect others information as much as I do to mine.

If one confides, I can zip my mouth. But if one just communicates, how the hell am I supposed to know it is not to be conveyed – unless it is about love,affair,marriage,pregnancy,illness or some other serious note that is likely to cause harm to you or others? X was on leave for a day in office.He came back and told that he was on a trip to his friend’s home.So when someone inquired I said the same.Now he comes and questions why I went around and told everyone everything?WHAT#?#??$??$?$He reacts to this incident by putting his girls friend’s picture in a social networking site and I am certified as the owner of a loose tongue. I dint even knew about his affair.Its been 3 yrs,I still am not clear where I went wrong.

So I am social and while talking, silly matters like X went for a movie which was a flop and still had lots of fun would be passed on. I wouldn’t have known that X had not taken Y,and not told W about it.So again,I am a ‘No Covert’ material. Then why on the first hand did you tell me this?And once told why dint you tell it was not to be told?

A secret is not a secret anymore once told.And if you want to keep it a secret,either keep it to yourself or choose the ‘to-be-told-person’ carefully…No more GENERALISATIONS!! No more BLAMING!!