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Do you have a role model???

All the job interviews that I attended had this question.It made me want to run away, not because I din’t have an answer,but because my answer was different from the usual. The question was simple,”Who is your role model?”.Oh!!This one has been following me for long – To start with school, then friends, then interviews, then office meetings, … So out of compulsion I bluffed

Well, all my friends had one. Some had genuine reasons, while some of them made it up (just like me). All of them had their own reasons for the choice,and most of them made sense.

–         One who make us think and possess the qualities that we would like to have

–         One from whom we could draw inspiration to be a better individual                          

–         One who help others and make time for others

–         One who do the things we want to do and bring our dreams close to reality

–         One who evidently made a difference and stand out in the crowd

–         One who shows a healthy behaviour and respected by the society

–         One who says and do what they say,…..

There were celebrities, politicians, writers, teachers, athletes, and heroes from the history. But it need not necessarily be a known figure too, for a huge percentage, chose their own parents. And why not? Fathers who expresses love to the family, help children deal with tough choices and keeps communication open…Mothers who talks about values and morals, assist children with pressure at school, treat them as adults and taught them how to love their own children…… 

My heart is happy, my mind is free. I had a father who talked with me” – Hilde Bigelow

To me, anyone who influenced me to make a right decision in life was a role model.

Amma’s persistence was one of them. Atha showed how to lead even when the whole world conspires against you – Will Power. Brother was explicitly simple yet could easily convince others. Husband instilled the confidence that my voice is very strong. He is a true Sales man 🙂 My best friend is a living example of  how one can balance the serious and lighter side of life. He taught that laughter is the best medicine to make your day. There were many other qualities – Resilience, Enthusiasm, Optimism, Candidness, Tolerance, Free-Thinking – that influenced me, but all from different individuals, who got into a noticeable positions through struggles, gathered a lot of experience through their journey, willing to help you with passionate advices and help you get to where they are now…

“If I am walking with two other people, each of them will serve as my teacher.I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them,and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself” – Confucius

But there are lot of people who has and believes that it is important to have one role model in life….

“The Los Angeles County Department of Health Service conducted a study in 2002 to “examine the relationships between role model characteristics, psychosocial functioning and health-risk behaviors.” The results showed that 56 percent of the adolescents identified with role models. Those who identified with role models they knew personally showed higher levels of self-esteem and stronger academics”. Read more:

And here is wiki helping you to choose yours –

But what do you think? Is it important to have one? Who is your role model?