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Parental Negligence

Last saturday started gloomy with the news of a blind 4 yr old who fell from the balcony and passed away later. His parents were away to drop their elder son at school. We had our own discussions,reasoning and conclusions about the incident and then went to a park nearby.

And there was an eyesore.To avoid all sorts of legal jargon I have hidden his face,the eyes of the little guy was exhausting though.

A little fellow,hardly 2 yrs,hanging on the swing and dozing off all alone. It was depressing.Reporting to the security would not help as the park was too large for his parents to find him. Unsure of what to do,we stood beside the swing that tilted one side as there was every chance he would fall down and get hurt.We were  monitoring, occasionally holding onto him, under the impression that the maid who brought him would be there soon.Parents can’t leave kids like that!!!

A small girl (about 5yrs)came at random,swayed him,but we couldn’t communicate to her properly.Aabout half an hour later,arrived a high school lad.After we explained he took the baby, who was still asleep and walked to a couple who was lavishly having their own time in the park. They were on a picnic, with all 6 children who were disbursed throughout the garden. Yes,I agree it is difficult to have our eyes on all the little ones all the time. But leaving a baby,all alone who wouldn’t even be able to tell someone why he was there or whom he came with, is not pardonable.Does it not show that you are interested in only making them and not raising them?

Which one do you think is a worse example of negligence? The grief brought by the loss of a child is beyond comparison.
It is important for parents to have their time, but will they be able to forgive themselves if something happens? Am not asking you to save the world or stop child abuse or halt child begging,…but only pleading you to be responsible for your own blood.

Leave the thought of daughter being left alone,I can’t even stand the sight of her with a scrapped knee,this being the most common.No,I am not over protective.Am only trying to be accountable.Till the time, she is able to come and tell me legibly what happened, I should stay vigilant,and if necessary even after that….


6 thoughts on “Parental Negligence”

  1. It’s really quite depressing when we come across such cases wherein an innocent kid has to pay off for the mistakes of his / her parents. People should take care of their kids and should be responsible enough to not leave them alone. We also see lot of news these days about Child Abduction / Abuse. A very good post and keep up the good work by spreading awareness amongst the mob.

  2. Good post and for a good reason, we can’t directly some to a conclusion that parent’s are not cautious, just 1 minute of rest of eye lash is enough to make a disaster, but as far as i have seen, today’s parents are not as great as my parents and grandparents 😦

    Health problems of today’s generation make them to rely on their parents or in laws to grow their kids, hectic schedule and people runs for money and that is also for their kids, but we can’t really come to an conclusion in this issue, love for the kids will be always there for good parents but certain mistakes make them bad parents !

    really a provoking post, which is to be read by and exclusively for ALL PARENTS OF TODAY”S SOCIETY.

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