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Have you seen them?

SIL was discussing about the hungama niece had with her new bicycle. They were forced to take her for a ride.So the parents -packed the bicycle and lunch,took the children to beach (an hour ride from home) where she drove through beach road. SHOCKING????For me, yes…

When I was young,atha took me and bro to the ground near by or any roadside, where we learned to ride one. In a matter of 1 day or 2,we were rushing through the busy traffic on our own. How many of us let our children do the same?

I miss the days,

– When children would ride the bicycles for tuitions,                                    

– When we knew what our neighbours and their children did,

– When Apple and Blackberries were just fruits,

– When VCDs and audio cassettes were admired a lot,

– When ‘SPELLIN MISTAKZ’ were not a fashion,

– When the ride in our old Maruti 800 was would be much awaited for,

– When a movie ticket costed just 40/- (Wondering what would petrol cost then),

– When people would adore a gift without frowning about the brand,….

Have you seen any of them lately?

I miss those days when life wasn’t so FAST…..


12 thoughts on “Have you seen them?”

  1. Don worry, kids are still like that, if you let them be. When my daughter, 5years, tells me she wants this and that Barbie kit, I ask her what the difference is between her Barbie and her other dolls, and she dsnt know.
    Most of the times, it us as parents who tell them the difference, we introduce them to brands and tags. Otherwise its all the same for them.

  2. Its always nice to ponder about the past what has gone by.
    Yes what a coincidence that we posted on same subject : )
    My first time to your blog but not the last, have bookmarked it : )

  3. Those were the days .. indeed the kids today are missing the REAL FUN.. I remeber I broke my arm when i rode a bike first time 🙂

    You said 40 rs for movie ticket .. I am ancient it seems 7:50 for balcony tickets 🙂

    1. Oh Bikram..Thank you so much..Was wondering what happened to you? You were always first to read my blogs and comment them..And Yeah..My father used to tell he has seen petrol at Rs2/- 🙂

  4. hi to all zradar.wordpress.comers this is my first post and thought i would say hi –
    thanks speak soon
    garry moore

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