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We learn with time and burn the same…

Not once, but many a times I have cribbed in this space about the ‘time-less’ness.. Everyday starts with a to-do-list. Urgent/Not Urgent/Important/Not important. Some would be done, rest carried forward for tomorrow.  The concern is always T.I.M.E..

Time flies, and so fast it flies. I remember when I was carrying we wondered how fast the first 2 yrs of marriage went. Now daughter is almost 2, and we wonder how fast her first 2 yrs passed by.Am sure when she turns 16,we would still be wondering the same..And so are most of us. We never realize where all of this TIME flies to 🙂

Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn.
– Delmore Schwartz


Father is punctual. Since the time I can recollect he would be there on his table @4am, with a steaming black tea – Cases (Advocate), Courts, Politics, Current affairs – He knew it all. It is wonderful how much could be done if we are always doing. He never insisted us to be so, though he tried to pass on the importance. Sadly, we never inherited it.

Amma too did so much in a day. Taking care of household, managing her lectures (Zoology Professor),helping us with home work. She even taught us knitting/ stitching/ making handmade toys… Her list was endless. She is now retired, but is determined never to be idle.

Never heard both of them complaining for want of time, for they used all of what they had.

No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any  – Author Unknown

I only have half tasks, of what they have done in a day. But I have not mastered those skills, and therefore I would definitely need those 2 extra hrs..

Undoubtedly, undeniably, I need to please him, for the day will come – Judgement day. My creator would weigh my deeds. Eternity is an indisputable worry and therefore, some of my extra hrs will be devoted for him…

After a tiring day at work, I may find time to run to gym but not talk to my parents. Strange isn’t it? A part of my extra hrs goes definitely for them…

A division would be allotted for the family who grew up with me, stood beside during my ups and downs. There is no blood relation. They are called friends.

Daughter bonding is what I enjoy the most these days. Connecting with nature was almost forgotten. A share of this extra hrs would be used to adore the smell of the sand, emotions of the beach, vastness of the sea, bright blue sky, tinkle stars (as daughter addresses) and other beautiful characters of mother earth…

The last bite of this  extra hrs is for me and my solitude. My cracked heals have been raising voice for justice. They have to be attended. And then to luxury of a spa. Some reading, some more blogging, and some ‘me and myself’ moments. Browsing through the diaries of past..A while to indulge in the essence true self….

And then comes the if clauses of life…If only daughter had been generous like Indi and Surf excel, If only boss would be generous enough not to extend the work hrs,…would I be able to use these hrs… 🙂 🙂

But how much ever I long for, the truth is that I can only keep waiting. Time is limited to 24hrs a day. Some gets only a week’s value out of an year, and some other’s gets a full year’s value out of a week. We have to make the most of what we have got. So lets start USING time, than spending it. Lets start INVESTING time, than complaining for it.

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it. – Author Unknown

Above post is submitted for the contest in Indiblogger, “If you had two extra hrs in a day,how would you spend it?”.If you like this post,please vote here.


66 thoughts on “We learn with time and burn the same…”

  1. I hope I will learn a better time management when I have a kid..
    But at times it a nightmare for me..I used to wonder how on earth I will manage it?
    Since there are people like our Mom and friends like you are around I think there are people for me to crib about it 😛

  2. very well penned.”This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.” was I think said by Emerson, If I am not wrong. It’s an irony that rarely one utilizes time to the full potential.
    excellent take on time.

  3. Mothers are beautiful aren’t they? Daughter time – such a simple yet powerful image and thought. You write with your heart… I am glad I dropped by this wonderful blog of yours. All the best for the contest 🙂

  4. Hi zradar, Nice post! And wonderful blog. My son too says ‘Tinka star’ and I too need some spa time for my cracked heels. Good luck with the contest. I too have been thinking of submitting an entry, but have been down with the flu and cannot find the time!!! 😀 Maybe I need 2 extra hours so that I can blog as to what I would do if I had it! 😀

  5. The best part of your post is that you have not restricted your extra time to one specific activity!! 🙂
    So, you can fulfill yourself to your soul’s content, all angles covered!!
    And like many of the comments above said, the daughter time was indeed a beautiful touch. I’m just 17, but I can just imagine how beautiful it would be for a parent to spend some quality time with their daughter 🙂

    All the best 😀
    And thanks a ton for sharing this link on my blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have known you’d made this post 😀

  6. “Some gets only a week’s value out of an year, and some other’s gets a full year’s value out of a week.” How true!
    You have a great message here. nice read.

  7. A very well thought out post. You have equally distributed time amongst most important things of one’s life – family, friends, children, nature and one self. Great going and best of luck 🙂

  8. There was a time when you chose the purpose of your life and the rest followed with little choice. You became teacher/lawyer/doctor or whatever and you were stuck with it and the city you found yourself living.
    Now, you can choose something and yet be free to choose other things all your life – follow your hobbies on internet, follow your old friends through facebook, do that archeology course that you could not do, talk to family and friends in other cities, write emails, blog ..
    Given a choice I prefer the present timelessness compared to older secure lives with plenty of time 🙂

  9. that point on ‘investing time’ is definitely an important one! and I liked how u have genuinely allotted time to things that REALLY matter..i appreciate it 🙂
    loved the quotes too…good work! and good luck for the contest!

  10. Amazing post..Loved the conclusion “So lets start USING time, than spending it. Lets start INVESTING time, than complaining for it.”
    When life gives us lemons instead of complaining let’s make lemonade…

    1. I would think in a rather positive way..Lets make lemonade from the lemons that we get and stop complaining..Thanks for the lovely comment. Please keep visting

  11. Our previous generation did so much in their available time, we have lot to learn from them. Nice theme, good blog……a worthy read. All the Best, Keep Blogging…:)

  12. Okay, so the point is that your words do have that much-desired power of evoking a sense of soulful nostalgia….. The bond that a mother shares with her daughter has been very effectively described by your soothing words…. the best thing is that there’s that old world charm in your writing…with a subtle glorification of nature and love….great 🙂

    1. Thanks for those warm words ritzy..Your words have made me feel that the post is indeed beautiful.Keep visting and inspiring me with your words

  13. Looking at the rear-view mirror may help you to be happy in terms of what has passed through happily or be sad if the past has any sore spots or pensive if you had differed some decisions then, and son and so forth…….
    But the car is best driven , and necessarily so, by looking through the front glass, while looking at side-view mirror to check who is travelling along, if at all.

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