Eid – Now and then..

Belated Eid Mubarak!! Eid, the only festivals for muslims. Back in school I was jealous of Hindus, for they had a handful of festivals in an year – we had only two, both were named eid and all we did was ‘eat’.

Eid always fell on a day after or before the Calendar holiday and so we got atleast 2 days in a stretch.Parents would club it with a weekend and make it a longer holiday, would take us to fathers’ native. So would his brothers’. They were 11 children. And all us, little brats, formed a big 32 wild-squad 🙂 🙂

As soon as we reach, all of us would greet each other and ran to the big wooden table near the kitchen. Tea and snacks would be waiting. It would be hrs after we finish and still we would be chit chatting, sharing our own small joys, with the pitch going onto higher decibels, until someone elder would come and shout, “Why is there so much noise? Can’t you guys go out somewhere?”.

We would run to the ground nearby, pick some imli’s, lick them all over, run again until we reach some big mango trees. All that mattered for the tree selection was that 32 people should fit on the branches. We would climb as high as we can until there is an easy rest and the one on top will reach for the mangoes and pass them down. We would be there on the tree until another elder would come and shout, “My god, where have you been? Its getting dark. Why don’t you come in for dinner?”

We would run again, back home. With the mango and imli stains still running on our faces and cloths, we would wash our hands and gather around the table. Same high pitch again for dinner until someone would come and shout. “Go to sleep. What have you got to talk so much?” Ghee!! 🙂 🙂

Early morning, we would all get up, run to the canal nearby – swim, bath, play, gossip, have breakfast at neighbours’ , gather all those home made banana chips and murukku and run back to our mango trees…Chit chat, chit chat until the warning comes for lunch.

Those were read days!! We are all grown up now. Busy with our families and children that we would hardly meet for one of those marriages, talk for max 10 minutes. Not sure if anyone else could summon up all these memories!!! Most of the time, its as though am the only one who has time and everyone else is busy..

And for this eid – Husband’s bro, sis and their families got together at our home. Post biriyani, while the elders were chatting, I noticed the pitch going high because our children (only 4 of them altogether – the elder is 4 yrs and the rest are all below 2 yrs) were yelling for nothing. “Would you guys please stop making noise. We are discussing something serious”,elder brother shouted at the little ones. Mmmm..We were discussing about the next day’s menu 🙂 🙂 🙂

I can imagine how it would have been for the elders then, to handle 32 of us… I can see this part of our future as well. There would not be trees, field, canal, imli’s or mangoes.. There would be only – small appts,video games and some other high tech stuffs for our children, but the degree of yelling…Ahem!!!


6 thoughts on “Eid – Now and then..

  1. veyr true .. indeed those were the good days ..
    I remember going ot the village and doing all that you have said .. with all my cousins and all .. We too are 14 cousins yeah i know big familyyy and when all got together it was chaos and FUN TIME ..

    yeah you are right its all videos , games PS3 etc now .. no more fields canals fighting shouting jumping getting hurt .. 😦


  2. I second Bhavia. To me Eid is mostly about food. Whenever Eid comes near a weekend our family takes a trip to Cochin. Apart from seeing my grandparents the most enjoyable thing is that I get to eat the fabulous Eid food prepared by their neighbors. It has been a long time but the taste of Farida aunty’s Mutton curry still lingers on my tongue 🙂

    • Yeah…Eid is mostly associated with food. LIke I mentioned before, we do not have much rituals for eid..the only thing w ehave to do is to eat,eat and eat…:-)

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