The ‘Hairy’ Fairy tale

Bygones may be bygones. But they hold a lot of memories. So here is a page from the fond memories of my hair-debonair days.

Once upon a time, I had long, thick, shiny and smooth, jet black curls. At school they called me Hairy-Fairy. Oh!!Please don’t misunderstand. Fairy was just for the rhyme :-)At college, they said it added the ‘Wow-effect’ onto my otherwise ordinary looks. At home, they argued who I inherited those genes from. At job, they said marriage wouldn’t be a problem as lot of people would fall for my lovely typical Kerala hair 🙂 “Coconut oil secret?”,People questioned 🙂 🙂 Any coiffure would look great. Yes, I was proud too, but those pretty hair clips never matched the thickness and so was disappointed. Ahem!!Slightly disappointed.

However, Awful hair days started after moving to Chennai for a job. Climate was too harsh and hair fell off. But the clips now fitted, so I was happy : Went for a short hair cut, post marriage. Hair grew back in no time. Coconut oil, Shampoo,Conditioner did the trick.I tried to maintain a short length for convenience and it again grew back fast. But the same din’t happen after delivery. There was a drastic hair loss. Even the smallest of the clips fit my hair 😦 😦 I think, I got so carried away in the other priorities of life, that I never bothered to relate that Hair and Care are so closely linked.

Thanks to the contest. It reminded me that I have to pay attention. After a long, long time, yesterday I spend a few minutes, staring at my curls. Dry, frizzy, dull – they look. Has she given upon me?

My hair sincerely served and loved me for 30 long years. Now its my turn to love her back.I need her atleast 30 more yrs, right? 🙂 🙂 She definitely deserves some pampering, and as the first step, let me apply for the Dove free gift hamper….

So my fairy tale that started happily would end happily…Fingers crossed!!

If you are an indiblogger  and think that you/girl friend/wife/mother needs some care for her hair, apply for the gift. Well, if you are not one, then be an indiblogger and apply for the gift.

This is an entry for the “Love is a two way street: love your hair and it loves you back” contest conducted by Dove and IndiBlogger. If you liked my post, you may please vote here.