My closet – Hair pins, Hijab pins, straight pins, safety pins, hair clips, hair bands, beads and buttons, along with many other unidentified objects made it look as though a tornado just passed through. I would have learned to live with the mess but one day Pari was caught with an open safety pin in her mouth. Husband suggested that we would get an organizer to arrange them, but they came with huge price tags 🙂

My cousin sister makes flower vases frm oat meal boxes. She suggested to keep an eye in our waste bin for a few days. Most of the thrown-away’s could be useful, she said. Am not a great observer, but it suddenly struck that egg cartons could be made into organizers. Google gave an enlarged picture of other’s who had similar thoughts. Life revolves around google now 🙂 🙂

And here it is,…. Two egg racks (six eggs) pinned together, were a perfect fit into our Toffifee box. So a gift wrap glued onto the box, made it look a bit better…









A closer look into the egg rack… (Poor photography!!!)

The moment it was made, it was full. The closet still consists of a lotta unwanted things. I should perhaps clean and then start organizing 🙂    🙂

Husband liked the idea, but was more concerned about the fate of the ‘28’ toffees inside. He counted???? Unbelievable.. Men are men, eh?