Facebook letting you down?

“ It’s a sad day today. We had a break up”..

“Donno what to do. So much vacuum around”

“Am always alone”.

This would have been someone’s private affair, until posted in Facebook. Then comes into picture other people who love facebook again. “Oh!!Thats so sad” or “Pls don’t worry. Am always there for you”.

Am not against people confiding about problems and getting over with it. But I do not like when people announce it in public to gain sympathy and support. Why don’t they face their problems than facebooking them?

Some other status’ would mere show off. I do not even want to mention. 

And some drama queens have made FB a reality TV. Sat early morning.2:00am. Watching Ra-one. 5:00am.Bore movie.6:00am.Coffee..7:00am.Toast for breakfast.8:00am-Fight with husband.and goes on like that..

Looks like FB adds oxygen to this generation. People cant live without social network.

Then comes game and application invitations – Cityville, Farmville and some S**tville. FB is closely watched by all. You just cant deny on their faces. So you politely ignore. But they do not stop.

Posting a photo arises lot of anxiety.

If I forget to ‘Like’someone’s comment and forget to‘Like’ anothers, problem!! If I forget to tag someone in my photo, again problem!! Again, if we happen to ‘like’ a friends’ photo and do not ‘like’ anothers’. Problem!! The question is, “We are all your friends, so please treat us alike?”… Oh!!Please grow up…

And friend requests . Some aunties (distant relatives) who do not have any other job, would have sent requests and you are supposed to accept. They keep track of your friends, their updates and everything to see if any disturbing behavior is seen from my side. I cant decline the request. Trouble calls!! So keep it as pending for long and blame daughter for not letting me login…FB has become a way to keep in touch with people whom you do not want to be in touch with.

Wondering why FB wouldn’t allow us to keep private settings? Every friend that is added, every network that I join, every single thing I do – is announced LOUD!!

Why cant we simply remain in touch, share each other’s happenings, pass birthday and anniversary wishes, message privately when required, discuss about some reasonable stuffs or harmless gossips, share those funny pics/videos without any burden of liking or tagging,..