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Ever belittled your baby? – Part2

After reading my blog on our Prudent Pari, a few friends shared their experiences.

My friend’s kiddo is 1.5 yrs and always insists that TV should be on. Once when she said there is no power @ home, and so no TV. The little guy points at the fan which was running and gives a ‘What the hell’ look.

The same little fellow once saw his papa struggling with mosquitoes in the evening trying to shoo them, kill them and what not. Son takes his father’s hand, walks to the refrigerator and points onto the top. There lied an Electric mosquito zapper. He is a smart pants!!

Our niece had visitors @ home. She was trying to show off her toys to the guests when one of them asked what she wants to become when she gets big. Without any second thoughts she mentions that she wants to cook and eat some good food when she gets bigger 🙂

Niece doesnt leave grand parents too. MIL had been to Dubai for a vacation. She bought a pair of ear rings and a bangle for her. The young lady immediately wanted to know when they will go back. ”When you come back next time, bring me one more bangle, ok”. Very specific,eh?

When our niece turned 4, the parents put her in Pre KG. She liked the school but dint like school bus. Mother was reading ‘Malgudi Days’ when she came home.

Niece: “Why can’t Papa take me to school Amma?”

Mom: “Because he has to go to office”

Niece: “Why don’t you take me then?”

Mom: “Because I do not have a license”.

Niece: “You sit and study some text book rather than sitting on this story book. If you study well, you can take license amma, don’t worry”.

Another friend has a son who went to play school since he was 1.5 yrs. So at the age of 3, when he went to school, he stood their like a hero when all the other children were crying. When he was back, he told his parents.”Am not going to that school anymore. The students act like small babies, yelling “Amma,Amma” all the time. Put me into a school were children behave according to their age”. The parents were proud but they worry if the little one will become independent too soon…

My friend is lucky to have her parents next door. Once for some kitchen-ingredient-emergency she had to run to her parents’ flat.WHen she was back,son stood at the door with a big face. “Amma, next time when you go out, please don’t forget to wear your duppatta. If not, people will say, Puppy Shame”. What more to say?!?!?!.

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