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The jobless world – Post 8

So who can tell how important a job is for a woman?

One who has a job? Na. She will not understand how one who doesn’t have a job feels.

What about the one who doesn’t have a job? Mmmm, not sure.  She might not know how the real time office would be.

What about one who is looking for a job? Well, not really…

So what about the one who had a job, resigned from it, now looking for one and not getting it? Yeah, this one can. Because this one is me.

4 yrs of work, 2 yrs of work-home balance,1 yr of work-home-baby balance, resignation, 2 months rest and then 4 months of unfruitful job hunt (Recession – Grr!!) . Who could be better qualified than me?

But know what? This step of resignation and home management gave me an essential growth on the personal front because I realize how important the job was for me. It helped me realize how women who sit at home for a whole day feel like. Oh my resignation was so willful for I too thought I needed a small break after 7 yrs..

Throughout my career life, I have grumbled about the work load, criticized my managers, groaned at office politics, frowned at fellow colleagues, grieved at my compensations, fought for appreciations,  protested for recognition, complained about not being able to leave early to home,   and back home I would be whining about all that I have to do. When housewives shared their views on how they love to work, I would encourage but still tell that it is difficult for you have to do all that you have to do at home and work would be an additional responsibility. It sounded a lot sensible then because career seemed to be a financial support for husband and financial independence for me. This break was an eye opener, for I now realize that my job means a lot more than money.

I understand the frustrations of a house wife, for their world has only the husband and children. Their day start and end on the same note. Life becomes a routine after sometime and the boredom makes them exhausted. Everything seems disinterested and dull. The husband who comes back from work is the only person who they can talk to and you cant blame them. The husband thinks the wife is nagging over the silliest of the things and wife doesn’t understand why he thinks so and then PROBLEM!!Yes, jobless world can be a problem….

Work may be tiring , but it would change the environment at home..

I feel every woman who is willing to work should try it for once and every man should allow her to, because professional and personal life are not separate. Am sure a lot of you wouldn’t agree, but I have my reasons to believe so… A job need not necessarily be going to office and working (though thats lot of fun), but to do something that would divert the thoughts from ‘family’ world and keep occupied. A sister of mine started doing craft work from trash to keep herself occupied.

Your job gives you a reason ,

– to step out of your home, atleast for a few hours.

– to meet other people, young and old

– to keep you occupied and forget the tension at home, if any

– to escape from the boring normal daily chorus

– to stay fresh the whole day

– to share your thoughts with others and hear their views

– to realize that there is a world outside home

– to know that you are better than a lot of people

– to know that you are still to catch up with a lot other people

Above all, it gives you another goal where you can look forward to, focus and grow. Growth in life earns happiness and peace. Happiness definitely reflects in your personality and helps you grow  more for the better. It gives you a space to know yourself better. It would only create a better YOU!!

So if you are a working woman and still apprehensive like I used to be once, then stop!! You are having a blissful life.

15 thoughts on “The jobless world – Post 8”

  1. Oh baby 😦
    Dont worry..I’m sure you are going to be on track soon..
    Sadly I realized this when I went for a three weeks vacation.first one week I was the happiest person on earth..but from second week onwards i started feeling restless..nothin much to do..nobody to talk..even watching tv was irritating..I started feeling gloomy..I picked up silly fights when snoopy is back home..I started shouting at everybody out of frustration..then on the 11th day snoopy made me cancel the vacation and I joined back..Omg!!!what a own office email and chats..those talks over gossips..I felt like I’m in heaven..there I stopped my thoughts of throwing the job

  2. I could relate to this more than I could express…

    I didn’t take a break yet….but that has always been there in my mind since the day Aadi was born,I just didn’t have the courage to take a break coz I was sure I might be too lazy to get back to work even after few years..Now I know what I would have felt if I had taken a break…

  3. You know, I took a break after 9 years of non-stop work in the corporate world – I had never taken more than 3 weeks of leave – until I had daughter. I went back to work when she was 5.5 months old – and loved, loved loved my job. Despite all this – I decided to take a break when work-life balance took a hit. Husband used to be away all week – he used to travel to Europe and I had a job in which I travelled about 6 hours everyday – it took a toll on me, and I decided to take a break. Husband was supportive – but wary – he was worried that I would go crazy at home. But funnily – I loved it. And I am not exactly a domestic goddess sort of person. I keep wondering if I should go back to work, but when i think of crazy work schedules – and the feeling that I will never be able to give my 100% to either dimension of life – I decide to remain an SAHM.
    And to be honest, I truly enjoy myself. I have plenty of activities and friends. I am out almost everyday – I am rarely at home the whole day. While I loved my job, and had a very successful career – I really enjoy my current role. I have enough on my plate to keep me happy and cheerful. So while I agree on a lot of points – I feel every person(man and woman) should do what makes sense to them. I think people feel less resentful when they take decisions that they want to – rather than when they feel pushed into decisions by circumstances. I know that I can go back to work when/if I choose to – that I think makes it much easier for me.

    1. When there are ample activities to keep you occupied, like minded friends and satisfaction of doing what you love – life gets simpler…Appreciate your way of looking onto the positive side of life. And am really sorry for such a delayed reply. I lost track of my blog for sometime..

    2. When you have ample activities to keep you occupied, like minded friends and satisfaction of doing what you love – life is simpler, a lot simpler..Thats what I lack here 😦 It sould hopefully get better now.. And Smiths, Am sorry for such a delayed reply. Had totally lost track of my blog followin my bros wedding.

  4. well said and well put although i did not work after marriage working before had given me a jolly good time going to court chatting with friends and of course the terror and tension how of ur senior would respond to ur work and the mocking look of ur just seniors were part and parcel of the game….although i returned home exhausted had may things to share about work and court….i really miss that time but now i kind of love looking after my kids although u r not appericiated very often i treasure every moment spending with them because my mom was working lady and i reaflised what i missed when many of my friends had their mother always around them……at times my mom too says she also felt she did not have time for her kids….

    1. Yeah…Thats so true..That would be one thing I wanted to add onto my article but forgot to..That the positive side is having ample time with Pari at this time when she is really dependent on me…Am sure i wud miss her once i start working..

    1. A job makes you feel good is so true.. But when you dont have one, you realize that it means a lot more than all of what you thought it would be..strange but only after i lost one, did i get it

  5. It is very true that a woman needs a job to make her feel complete and give her a sense of identity outside the house. No matter how she is in the home, she could have a completely different personality when out of it and make her self esteem grow. All the best in your job hunt.

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