The challenge – Post 1

I always wanted to write,always..The blog was a happy beginning, but after I moved abroad, either time or place or baby or people – something always came in between, and now I have lost the flow. No matter how hard I tried to gain the momentum, it did not work. Thats how I decided to accept the NaBloPoMo Challenge. I have seen many blogs recovering through this challenge, and I hope this time I would get that blog-life balance, jot down those little joys of life and feel myself again.. Fingers crossed!!


8 thoughts on “The challenge – Post 1

      • there you go sweetie..
        of course you can..
        but rather than counting on the number of the posts,why don’t you start something like Gulf diary which explains nook and corner of Dubai and middle east places?
        It will be something great for people like me who has not visited Dxb.
        Rather than thinking about personal matters,write about the streets,the culture,the people,their characteristics,weddings,ther foods,recipes and much more 🙂
        i would love to see something like that..

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