Little Shoulders Vs Big Calculations

Am jealous over my little one. I just have one set of parents. She has three. One set of parents and two sets of grand parents.

Grand children brings loads of happiness into the family, and so did Pari.. She being the first grand child, my parents and their love overflew into our lives and hers’. We love to watch them together, esp. the way they are concerned about their grand child. They want her to excel in everything in life, be the best of the lot, strong successful and an all time winner. Fingers crossed!! They have calculated lot of things and planned a lot over her, as much as they did for their children.

Sometimes over-concerns brings out ideas, which when exchanged make us smile for a while. Here are a few of them..

My parents seem to have already decided what she is going to be. She was just 4 months when my father said, “Z, am planning to send her for dance classes. Tell me as soon as she is ready for it”.

Music regales Pari. I take advantage of her mood and feed her playing “Sheela ki jawani” or “Chotti chotti aasai” 🙂 However,once when she cried after the music was stopped, one of the GP’s commented, ”Pari darling, you have to take care of your voice. You have to participate in Idea star singer season 25”. As reality shows are reigning all the major tv channels, this would the least expectation over the children of today 🙂

Of late she has started experimenting over our music system. How many would believe a one year old playing her favorite dvd? I admit it is not intentional. But she still does it and is unbelievably progressing. That Sayf say sometimes that she will be a successful engineer. It would have been ok if some others would not have been specific about the stream. They are sure about her becoming a mechanical engineer.

Pari seems to have taken interest over everything in kitchen. This lovely creature crawls into the kitchen and hmmmmm… my kitchen would be irreparably damaged. Amma is sure that she would be better than me in kitchen and would be a good cook to make us proud. I only hope that she would pay some help to me in the household in future.

She grabs a piece of chocolate or smiles over a candy wrapper, her grand mom1 would be concerned about her weight. ”Pari, chocolates would make you fat and it is difficult for fat girls to marry. Z, you make sure she stays like you”. Grand mom2 is worried too.” Chocolate lovers are likely to have an increased cholesterol level. You make sure she doesn’t eat too much Z”. After all these, Pari would mile at them again, they would give her their share of chocolates also and look at me as though this should be the last chocolate piece that she should have…

She steps onto her toy car and she would be a good driver.

She enjoys a fountain, and she would be a good observer.

She gives up something, avoids a fight, and she would be a good GIRL unlike her mother. Phew!!

Pari is too lean. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone expects her to be the next gen size zero.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Little Shoulders Vs Big Calculations

  1. Pari sounds cool.. It reminded me of my niece Inaaya. My sister calls and hands over the phone to her, and its fun listening her blabber and seeing her antics on webcam. 🙂 Time just flies by when kids are around.

  2. Sweet post. Parents and grandparents always want kids to live and do better than they could have. It’s amazing how each of us who have kids always want them to have the opportunities that we did not… 🙂 And have you noticed that our parents were stricter with us than they are with our kids.. 😀

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