Urge to be anonymous

After a really long and not-so-desired blog break which included a lot of packing, repacking, unpacking, shifting, again unpacking, arranging, rearranging and then settling down as an nri, with a not-so-nri attitude, the ‘Z’ inside is still unsettled. There has been never one day were I did not want to pen down in this space, but today is when it really happened. Throughout the blog-break, I have found, thought and dreamt ample subjects for my blog,which I hope would really help to continue the flow.

However, during the break there was a sudden urge to be anonymous. Not that I have huge fan following or any controversial subjects for that matter, but still the desire remained and therefore decided to conceal any personal identity that was exposed earlier. So before posting this one, I made a few such changes in my earlier posts though the contents remain same. Quite a tiresome job!!!

My blogs are mostly personal experiences and are written mainly for my own satisfaction. But experiences can be sweet, nice, bitter and sometimes more than that. Nevertheless this blog is not meant to hurt anyone and not known to the family circle except for my hubby dearest. Despite of all this, I did not want to take chances and so decided to be so.

After bestowing blog names for the family, I realized that most of the bloggers have chosen to be so, esp. women bloggers. Mine was just a safe play and respecting privacy to an extend.But is it that most of us feel that way?I feel that bloggers are mainly women and one reason for this could be to use blogging as a means to vent out their feelings. Ofcourse, there are a lot of women bloggers who educate us, spread awareness, discuss social issues, share their likes and interests, and then there are some who does it for their satisfaction.

But is there a certain point beyond which we think, we could better express ourselves if we remain hidden? Or is it just like that?



8 thoughts on “Urge to be anonymous

  1. There was a time when I had an inhibition about revealing my identity.I was worried thinking about people’s reactions esp. people close to me..But one day I did break it two years back..im happy about it 🙂

  2. I started blogging in my real name, and then wished I had not 🙂 Just because it is easier to write on some subjects if you are anonymous, you know.. But now I am so used to blogging like this that I don’t think anymore about it..

    • Smitha is quite a common name.It would be quite difficult to find out which SMita writes this,though it may be evident through some blogs..but me,I dont even have a chance..May be thats why I had to make this decision

  3. wah nice post… but i think you have revealed some of your feeble identities, like staying in chennai 😛
    most of the women bloggers blogs to vent out their experiences and people like me blogs for the same reason 🙂 about remaining anonymous hmmm it’s their personal wish !
    r u changing your layout ? 😛

    • You are one of the few who know me and my name..and yes certain write ups wouldnt happen if i do not reveal certain things…i decided not to disclose my identity just because i thought it would inhibit my writing to certain extend..and like u said it is mainly women who do that for whatever reason it may be…
      Yes I changed my blog background after a long time..felt some change brings in freshness to my eyes 🙂 hope u liked it

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