Bidding Adieu

Dear friends,
Today is my last working day in XXX. Bidding adieu to all, looking back from now, last three years was a wonderful journey though, both personal  and professional, moulding me as a better individual. Let me thank each and every one of you.
Goodbye is just a farewell remark until we meet again. I wish XXX continued success, and I want to thank you once again for allowing me to be a part of your coveted team. I will be available in my personal email.
Stay in touch
Thanks again
My heart sank as I finished the mail and depressed the send button. This time it is not just about switching company. It is about leaving Chennai and settling abroad. This time, next week I would saying good-bye to this city.
Parting is painful, but presently, it’s a blend of joy and sorrow – I am leaving here to make it bigger as per my aspirations of myself and my loved family, and I leave the city who accepted me as one of their heartiest member this rends a part of my spirit .
Chennai was never a stranger for that matter. 7 yrs back when I landed in this city with just 2 bags and a couple of friends, I never knew this big city would witness a lot of major events of my life. All ups and downs, career, work, friendships, love, marriage,.. and has accepted me for whatever I am. Looking back, I can see how much I have grown up for the better and for all those reasons I am sure to miss Chennai,esp. the beaches that drives me real nostalgic.
Let me thank all those of you has been with me and walked in and out of my life, throughout my stay here..Thank you for your helping hands, for those words of appreciation, the smile of simple acknowledgement, for the small delights of being there for reasons big or small…Thanks again for the support during my 7 yrs stint with Chennai.
In search of pastures new , I would like to call it a day with Chennai.
I treasure the relationship which we built during my stay here. Would definitely be back sometime, but for now am gonna miss you,…
Life is but a long journey,
A privilege to have spent some time here at Chennai,
One that seems a lifetime, In all, a knowledge gathering trip,
But it’s time for me to alight, And say good-bye…

Courtesy: Ravi Kiran and Sandheep Nath (Ex Syntellites) for letting me steal a few lines from their good-bye mails :0)


5 thoughts on “Bidding Adieu

    • Chennai is close to my heart in a lot of ways..There are so many people in this city who are too close to be left just like that.. The place and the people together are making it difficul for me to leave.. And yes, hope the new city too dissolves me fast enough to have the same feeling of the old one..

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