My second love

My second love. All time, all weather favorite. Chocolates!!

After the health benefits of dark chocolates were established, I have incorporated them as a part of my diet 🙂 Yeah, skipping the chocolaty dessert is now considered a sin 🙂

Cant take my already wide eyes off those tempting truffles at Cake Walk. They only get wider with the Intense dark chocolate pastries at Café Coffee day. Simply irresistible!! I always wonder how would I reject someone, if at all they propose me with a box of Lindt Dark Chocolate with Intense orange. I cant figure out who would I choose between My husband or Dark Chocolate with mint. Being a voracious feeder on this family, enjoying every bit of it melting down my throat cannot be repressed, so I just thought of trying to make one. Some effort added onto those scrumptious heavenly delights will be a definite  add-on to the taste.

Jan 9th was my birthday. But it would have just been like any other day if I had not received my gift from him and not tried on this cake recipe. A few colleagues had planned to drop by and so I decided to tryout making one. And it turned out to be an incredibly rich moist dark chocolate cake, enough to make a beginner proud. Happy birthday Z. What a wonderful start to the New Year. This was my first trial on one.

The preparation time is not even 30 minutes, and so much of a no bother, no messy, no sweat task and you don’t even requite an electronic beater.



250 gm Saltless butter

250 gm Dark Chocolate/Cooking chocolate


¾ cup boiling water

1½  cup sugar . Can be 1 cup if you would not prefer it to be very sweet or like the bitterness of dark chocolate.

¾ tbsp Instant coffee powder


2 cups of all purpose flour

½ cup cocoa powder

1 tsp (level) soda powder. Try not to use baking soda as it may reduce the rich chocolate color.


Eggs – 3

Steps involved

1. Melt the butter in low flame, add the grated chocolate to it and stir until the chocolate is well dissolved – Set1.

2. Add the sugar and coffee powder to the boiling water and stir until no residue remains – Set2.

3. Mix all the ingredients in set3 into a bowl and sieve the same. Add the chocolate mix (Set1) and stir the batter using a thick spoon in slow circular motion until no lumps. Add Set2 and do the same.

4. Now add the eggs one by one until all of it is mixed well and all you have is a lump-less chocolaty batter. Tastes awesome in this stage itself 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now preheat the oven at 170-175C. Once preheating finished bake for about 50-60 mins at 175C. Here is the result.

This delicate piece of love should be cut or demolded only after it is cool, for it is too brittle. If you are impatient like me to have the first bite, then you are likely to get a heavy dent like I have on my cake above :0)

This was a major hit when served hot with vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce.

Good luck!! Have chocolaty year ahead!!

Recipe courtesy: Magic oven (Kairali TV) hosted by Lakshmi Nair.

8 thoughts on “My second love

  1. Hey Belated birthday wishes! And you know what – one more point in common – I am a capriconian too – celebrated my birthday just a few days back 🙂 And normally I bake my own birthday cakes too 🙂 But this time, for a change, I didnot – just because I did not want to eat any more cake 🙂

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