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The Untouchable EGG

When I was just few months old, amma introduced egg in my diet for the very first time, but I puked the whole meal. This might be usual for a lot, but amma who is slightly over concerned, over anxious and over careful about almost everything in the world reacted in a slightly different manner. She placed me in the egg-allergic category. Its been 28 yrs, but she has never served me an egg after that.

I was brought up hearing this story over and over again, and so egg was included in the untouchable list J I ate ice creams, cakes, chocolates and everything that had egg, but believed that am sensitive to egg.

Any relative or neighbour who heard, protruded their eyes.”Allergic to egg?No way. Please have just one piece of his omelette, pleeeease”. I politely denied. But the whole world was interested to make me eat one. And years of compulsion from everyone around, developed a weird repulsion inside me, for the already untouchable egg. I would take a faraway seat from where the egg curries were kept. I would carefully pick those scattered pieces of scrambled egg from my mixed fried rice. I would specifically order for an eggless soup, and avoided all kinds of dishes were egg was visible. Cakes and Ice creams were still my favorite 🙂

After growing up to a sensible age, and feasting on pastries and cakes of all kinds, I knew that egg might not have an awful effect on me. But I still was not able to revive from the feeling that had followed me from a very early age. During college and then in the corporate world, I kept meeting people who would raise their eyebrows on bizarre egg allergy and who would still compel me to try for once. But I took some strange pride to believe that am still allergic.

I managed not to eat egg for a long long time. But during pregnancy my doctor asked to consume one egg everyday, ugggh!! The right amount of nutrition for Pari was an emotional line to be ignored. The untouchable egg had now become unavoidable egg. I would stare at the omelette in my plate for hrs and dump it all into Sayf’s’. So Sayf tried a variety egg menu for the week. Monday would egg dosa, Tuesday Appam omellette, Wednesday Mixed fried rice, Thursday egg burji, Friday Cheesy egg sandwich and so on. That clicked well. The respect for his effort made me gulp an eggy dinner 🙂 Sayf can take the pride of being the only one who successfully got some direct form of egg into my blood. Am now relieved that Pari who has turned 10 months now, can have all the egg she needs directly. Am free from the eggy burden!!

My egg allergy may be psychological, but my uncanny attitude towards egg continues. I still dislike all forms of it and try my best to stay away from an  egg korma on the table. An involuntary aversion to those humble eggs has accumulated so badly into my blood and brain and finally resides as some kind of a blind faith that walks and talks inside to avoid the scent, taste, color or even a mere whiff of an egg!!.

The world however, reacts a bit different now. They do not compel me anymore to have one. They just discuss my mental instability towards egg,…..

Amma still believes that am thoroughly allergic. “The title of mother gives me the license to be concerned about my only daughter”, she argues every time Sayf tries to explain 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Untouchable EGG”

  1. Amazing write up. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Must say, you were right. Your writing has a similar flavor as mine. As far as eggs is concerned, I am from a staunch Brahmin Hindu Indian family. Name an egg and the family will throw ganga water on me. However, doc told me I need to eat egg for health issues. With all kinds of faces, they agreed to feed me but only till the medical prescription. Now when I am a grown up staying away from home and have become an adult to decide my own stuff, eggs are an important part of my diet. Just love them. 🙂 My family knows about my love for eggs and they haven’t shown any problems so far. Winds of change I must say.

    One of my best friends had exactly similar problem like you. Till few months back he believed he had allergy of eggs. One fine day he realized he doesn’t. Since then, every hunger pang leads to him flipping an omelette or scrambling two eggs or just boiling them and making a sandwich. His idea of instant food is EGG.

    Keep writing. Take care. My best wishes.

  2. Read some of your posts. Liked it very much. Will comw back to read it in leisure.
    Zaira, Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and reviewing it. I will keep in mind your suggestion.
    Thanks again.

  3. Felt that you have blogged about me..I know its hard for people to believe that i’m allergic to egg.Once my team played a prank on me during team dinner and i ended up having rash all over my face and neck next day.It was then they realized that I was not lying 😡

  4. Well I have a different ideology..!! I am a serial “Egg Eater” and I eat 2 eggs per day and occasionally omelet, I think It is very good for health..!!
    And It’s not strange that u have an allergy, I’ve also met people who have allergy for eggs..!!
    BTW Thanks for visiting..! 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by
      It would not have been strange if i actually had an allergy.. Bizzardness is in not having allergy but still keeping the allergic attitude :0)

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