A Letter to my dear Friend

After 10 yrs of intimacy and togetherness, when it was time to part with a dear friend, I decided to write a letter to him.

Dear Mr.S,

You were always beside me for these long 10 yrs. Needless to mention you were such a handsome piece when we met. And since then,you have always been a loyal friend,who stood close to me,.. so close that you could feel my eye lashes every time they fluttered. And then I would take you just next to my lips. You would yearn for that cold blow from within. But those moments have passed. Bygones are bygones.. And now it is time to part. Let me thank you for making my world clearer, beautiful and vivid. Thank you for sharing my ups and downs, for walking beside me and baring me all this while. Thank you my dear spectacles.

Love, Z

This is the letter he wrote back to me..

Hello Z,

Am glad that you have moved on with life and thought of switching to a new pair of glasses at least now. I saw my replacement on your face. You look a lot smarter now with that young and handsome fellow. You should have thought about my retirement long time back. My nephews, nieces and their children have come to the market. Different colours. Different styles. You never even bothered about them. And how could you? Such a pinch fist you are married to. He can spend $125 for a pair of sunglasses, but wouldn’t spend 1000 bucks on your bifocals?!?!? You should have demanded this long time back my girl 🙂 Thanks for this letter, but note that I deserve something lot better than this. 10 yrs was too long. And am tired walking beside you. You are lucky that I have only 2 legs, for if I had hands, the first thing would be to give you a tight slap. And if you think I yearned for something, that was my languish for retirement. GOT IT? Did you ever notice that dent on my left leg? How could you? Its been there since you started sleeping with me on. Too many scratches on my rim. And one of my nose buds is not there anymore. So careless you are!! Please do not overuse anything hereafter. What on the hell made you hang on to me for so long? How I wished to be retired? Ensure that you do not exhaust the new guy. UNDERSTOOD? Thanks for giving me a chance to raise my voice. Please clean me up, wrap me in my old shawl, put me safe in my trunk and place me somewhere at the end of your draw. I worry that you would reuse me incase you lose the new one. Let me take some good rest..Take Care.

Bye Mr.S


8 thoughts on “A Letter to my dear Friend

    • Thank you!!I still suffer from short sight and my new lens is giving me a clearer vision 🙂 Jokes apart, I too hope that I get to understand the world much better and keep posting in a better way

  1. It was awesome. I should say this was an awesome post if somebody has so imaginative attitude.

    You wrote just awesome.Unbelievable. Many times I just think how people can be so imaginative in their writting.

    Well done!!

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