Please Help Me to Find Some TIME

Here is a mail from a very good friend of mine, “Dear Z, If you get time..please create a header for my head is not working these days..becoming too much mechanical”…. I was glad that a veteran blogger like her was impressed by the concept of my blog-header. So I added it onto my to-do list.

But being a spinster, she can’t find time. How can I? Supporting Pari 24X7 and with a mechanical life oscillating between work and home, it is difficult to finally maintain this blog-life balance 🙂 Definitely all of you will have your own say on this. Be a spinster, wife, mother, house wife, working woman, grand mother, great grand mother.. None of us really have time for anything. So where is all our time?

Recollecting the busy life of spinster would be difficult now. But the present so-called busy-life goes this way..

The day starts with my morning prayer,after which every single thing is a messed up hustle. In the morning race with Pari (which she wins most of the time) in between the other house-hold, I will have to do the bed minimum 3 times. Day-care at office is a boon in all sense.They rock her to sleep all the day 🙂 🙂 I need to gain the momentum at my never-ending-work the very minute I reach my desk. Every minute I save here turns into those precious 60 seconds with my darling daughter. Of late, this part is a little relaxing as am not allocated to any projects, but a few managers creep in asking for favors.In between all of this, I have to leave some space in my brain for all those credit card bill payments which if delayed, will affect our living 🙂 And awaits me a beeline of activities – Rent payment, Car servicing, Salwar stitching, Parlour routines 🙂 , train ticket reservation – to be scheduled.Sometimes to make things worser, phone bill payment site will have a problem or the credit card bill will not be generated. Half an hour waiting for the Customer Service Executive to pick, half an hour trying to make him understand my version of ‘Malayalam mixed Tamil’ and then another half an hour arguing.Frequent calls come from the day-care as soon as Pari wakes up, when I have to leave everything that am doing and run. She has this bad habit of giving a siren scream after a nap, and that wouldn’t stop until she sees me 🙂 By the closure of business hours (which is again never-ending), I wrap Pari in her flannel and accelerate home to get a glimpse of my favorite serial 🙂 Then starts the evening race with her. No doubts!!She wins. I put her to bed or rather she sleeps at midnight, after which I scan through the web to read a few blogs and post one 🙂 But all that precipitates at the end of the day would be the ‘Only If I could have found time to do x,y,z…” And again add them onto that never-ending to-do list 🙂

Prioritising and classifying between urgent and important tasks is a skill, that I havent mastered so far…

After writing this blog, I decided that I should create a header for her. But she had already done it. Beautiful and Elegant!! And I realised again, am late like most of the time.. Huh!!