Diwali Dhamaka

Sayf’s birthday kept me occupied throughout the last week, but posting this blog was behind my mind since Diwali time.

Diwali was on a Friday, which added onto the long weekend and I hate weekends these days 😦 However crackers started bursting from the previous night onwards. Pari, an already poor sleeper, was disturbed throughout. Needless to mention she kept me awake the entire night. Crackers went on the Diwali day and that whole weekend. So back then, I had a sleepless long weekend.

On Sunday evening when I went to the market, the road seemed to be immensely rich with cracker left-overs. I could see the little ones in smiles, running around and bursting crackers, then running away from it and seeing the fireworks at a distance. Thank god!! Some safety measures have been taught. I still feel that leaving them with the crackers and without guidance could be extremely dangerous.

Moreover they burst crackers right in the middle of the road. Any motor cyclist who steps over an unnoticed cracker could be in danger too.

On Monday, when I started to office, I could still hear the crackers burst. It was not the sleeplessness or the danger of the fireworks that bothered me. But crackers meant monstrous money. And 4 days of crackers meant immeasurable money bursting to fumes. I wonder when they will learn the value of these so-called-INR??? Am not denying the joy on those little faces. I know that the beauty of a flaming rocket transforming into a colorful umbrella is enjoyed by young and old alike. But some awareness has to be created on the enormous amount of money spend. If cutting off crackers for this celebration is considered sin, at least reduce the quantity and give it to people who are in real need of it.

I may not be able to change everyone. But if Pari demands for a colorful Diwali (sometime in the near future), I would lit a row of lamps, do rangoli with her, buy her a couple of those mild flower pots and chakras,make her hot hot jalebis, depict the purana of how Krishna defeated Narkasura and make her save some money for the needy.

After deciding on Pari’s future Diwali, I checked in to my project area and hurried to my desk. My colleague who went on a long leave gave a very hearty smile. I asked casually how did his Diwali go.

“No Z, We do not celebrate Diwali”.

“????. I thought you took a long vacation to….”

“Oh please Z. We belong to Narakasuran’s family. We do not celebrate Diwali”..

Hmmm.. What a nice joke to start my day with 🙂 🙂