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Today started off sad.

I just left Pari at the daycare and parked my car next to the ATM next to our office. The security looked sad. My overwhelmingly generous nature (which makes me easily gullible) created the urge to unnecessarily involve in his sorrow and so did I. He was put off as his wife had an accident at the kitchen this morning. While draining rice from the steaming hot cooker, the rice water had fallen on her. In spite of his request for taking her to the hospital, the higher officials ordered to be on the spot and maintain the timings.

The highly viscous starch water accidents are quite common and extremely dangerous. Being aware of the same, I felt so helpless. Obviously, I couldnt accompany as Fareiba was at day care. I offered him a few hundred rupee notes and my car key. He did not take my car (Phew!!Atleast my petrol was saved), but has now come back for more money.

Like how my house maid’s son got chicken pox, the genuineness behind this story too is unknown. But as a matter of fact, people take advantage of me and my congeniality. After reading Bhavia’s job collars, I realize that there are a lot of people like me who are being used.

I was under the impression that being tender-hearted and altruistic, would make me happy at the end. But looks like the society will not allow me to be so. Being bold and realistic,is what it demands…

However, I told him that am ready to pay the cash, but this time with a difference.I asked him bills for authenticity!! Lets see if he comes back tomorrow.

Am not sad anymore about today 🙂

But am sure I would be helpless and listen to him or someone else who comes up with another sad saga tomorrow.

I wonder why I can’t simply ignore them and walk away. I wonder why I can’t maintain the proper distance. I wonder why am like this regardless of being used again and again. I wonder why I can’t change. Hope I will learn it the hard way and change some day. Or is it really I who need to change?