Coincidence Galore

My friend and x-colleague, Saravanan called his friends Shaktipriya to pass on birthday wishes and invite her for his wedding. Both their birthdays fall on the same date, so it is easy for him to remember 🙂 This is how the conversation went.

Saravanan: “Hi Priya, Happy birthday”

S.Priya:”Thanks Saravanan. Happy birthday to you too”.

Saravanan: “There is a good news. Am getting married.”

S.Priya:”Congrats man. Am getting married too. So where is the girl from?”.

Saravanan: “Her name is Priya, actually Gnanapriya. She is from your hometown, Madurai. What about your groom? ”.

S.Priya:”His name is Saravanan. He is from your native,Chennai :-)”.

Saravanan: “When is the wedding Priya? Me and my Priya will definitely try to come. Oh by the way, Gnanapriya’s birthday also falls on the date as ours 🙂 ”.

S.Priya:”Incredible. And yes, you and Priya should come. It is in Madurai, on the coming Feb 16”.

Saravanan: “Oh my… Don’t think I would be able to come. I would be at Madurai the coming Feb 16, but it would be my wedding then”.

Now we are all waiting to see if their kids would share the same birthdays too. LOL..

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