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Hello world!

Have been staring at this space for quite some time, and am still clueless on how my first blog should be. Well, lemme start this way.

Am Z.Being one of the happy-go-lucky kind, it was never difficult for me to win the crowd. But conveying serious messages in the right way, always seemed to be tough.

World is tough, but I am tougher. So I adopted writing to talking. And I was lucky enough to discover at a very early age that am better to express myself by writing than speaking.

Thanks to my amma(mother) who introduced me to the world of books and my atha(father) who took time to evaluate my first set of stories.That used to be when I was a kid in the early teens. Thanks to my hubby dearest who always encouraged my creativity. And a special thanks to Bhavia who showed me the gate to WordPress 🙂 God willing, I would keep all your hopes alive and continue writing..


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